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Twitter cencorship, spreading of properganda and straight out lying!

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Twitter cencorship: Twitter is spreading properganda and Twitter is straight out lying!

Censoring political speech is what you’d expect in countries like China, North Korea, or Iran — NOT America. This should scare every single American who values free and open discourse. Do NOT let big tech silence YOU! Some slopes really are slippery. Twitter went from censoring Alex Jones to censoring the White House Press Secretary and the New York Post in a little over a year. If the Ukrainian prosecutor isn't fired, you're not getting the money. 

How can twitter make this outrageous and false claim? ⁦Joe Biden⁩ is on video bragging about getting that prosecutor fired. Prosecutor was investigating a Ukrainian business that Hunter worked for. How in the world does this pass any test? Give me a break. This is wrong! Washington Post & Twitter are claiming that Joe Biden played no role in getting the Ukrainian Prosecutor fired. The video is put there on the internet showing Biden himself bragging about handing down the ultimatum of withholding a 1 billion american dollars unless the Ukrainians fired the prosecutor within 6 hours. 

Twitter blocked the link to the New York Post's article about Joe Biden's corruption, then Twitter blocked the link to the House Judiciary Committee's page of the article. So the Post's article was moved to the Trump campaign website. 

Discuss the Twitter censorship and the possible future of social media after this nonsense! 

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The story you're talking about has been widely discredited. It already was months ago, and this latest attempt to try and make something of it is itself propaganda. I highly recommend reading the article I linked, since it gets to the facts of the situation, and how the events were misrepresented to push a false narrative.

Twitter is incredibly lazy with a lot of things, one of those being that Twitter (and Facebook, for that matter) enabled a lot of misinformation and "fake news" during 2016. They've needed to crack down on that. Limiting that platform for this particular story is a good call, but admittedly, that's only in isolation.

I already went over this over in the thread about the investigations regarding Russia's influence on the Trump administration. To make a long story short, this only became such a big deal because the right wanted to deflect away from the impetus for Trump's impeachment, and Trump's base falls for it either because they don't know better, or they're unwilling to consider that this story is indeed fake, so they dig their heels in and insist that this must be legitimate.

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My second post was in the wrong topic. Genuine mistake, so thank you for pointing that out.

"Putin lives rent free in his head" isn't an argument. Did you even bother to read the article, or are you just dismissing it offhand?

Getting more angry at websites for restricting propaganda, and not… you know, the actual propaganda itself is almost impressive. After Devin Nunes repeatedly got his ass handed to him in court despite crying about getting shadowbanned, this is hardly going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. "Republicans got busted for recycling debunked nonsense" isn't going to cost Twitter or Facebook their 230 protections.

I'm sure there are valid criticisms to be made of Section 230, but "Republicans are butthurt that they couldn't get away with a smear campaign that already failed half a year ago" isn't one of them.


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Honestly, this is a pretty great headline. Not even Fox News wanted to run with the New York Post's story, because the source of veracity of the story could not be properly vetted.

So yeah, the story is just Rudy trying to generate fake news. Even by his own admission, he only brought it to the Post because he knew they wouldn't make any effort to verify the story. What's weird is that I could have sworn that Trump's platform was supposed to be some big opposition to "fake news", and much of his base has taken that rallying cry to heart. So I wonder why this New York Post story, which is actually "fake news", is something the right desperately wants to spread, and are trying to wage a disingenuous war on big tech over their fake news getting put down.

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