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Psi-Shot Esperado [Written]

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Psi-Shot Esperado

Level 6 | EARTH | [Psychic/Synchro/Effect]

1 Tuner + 1 non-Tuner Psychic monster

While your LP are lower than your opponent, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the difference. (Quick Effect): You can pay 1000 LP; change 1 face-up monster on the field to face-down Defense Position, also, until the end of this turn, while that card is Set, it is unaffected by card effects.

ATK/ 1600 DEF 2200

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so at minimum this is only a single activation away from its own effect into 2600/3200. while DEF stat probably wont factor much these days unless your deck specifically interact with it, i do think its still a bit to huge in correlation to the passive stat gain

that being said however, i guesss this is quite serviceable for what it did since changing monster to Set its still viable stun strategy. but if i have to be honest its really pale compare to like Naturia Beast and Link engine that everybody and their mother run cannot be interacted with this card and often lead to at least a negation of some form

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