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For a moment I was almost hoping that there was an Edison County in Minnesota, just because it would have been hilarious if Trump's lawyers made that same mistake twice.

Perhaps it's more satisfying that they keep finding new and exciting ways to be bumbling morons.

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I only voted for Biden so I could complain about him. I imagine a state could do the same.

Imagine the following scenario: ****** dies, tragically, but managed to make it to heaven. God is waiting there at the pearly gates for him, and says he will answer any 1 question for ******, wit

you know i thought you'd gone quiet because you'd realised that which the world has accepted as reality but it appears you were simply stockpiling tomfoolery 

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9 minutes ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

Thanks. I have some fine examples of Trump being against gay marriage too. Would you like to see those?

I mean, he opposed the equality act and has appointed judges who are against lgbtq rights.

If you have to zoom as far in as "hasn't been vocally against gay marriage" to make him look like he isn't bigoted, I don't think it says much good about your talking points.

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Trump off ballot in 2018 - GOP loses 40 House seats. Lose Governorships. Only senate flips are in Red States or FL (which was well on it's way to becoming a Red State) despite Democrats having their worst map in years

Trump on ballot 2020 - GOP holds every House seat - GOP gains 12 (potentially 13 depending on NY22 recounts) House seats - Statewide GOP’s make gains, Senate hold red even under a bad map, Trump had 95% party approval rating, highest ever. Wins 19/20 bellwether counties that have predicted the election for the last 7 decades.

But he lost.


Maybe it really did happen that way, but I'd love a reason why/how it's plausible 

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