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Biden Administration Actions Thread

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Maybe i'm jumping the gun a little but hey why not as they say: it's free real estate!

Details All Executive Actions and Memorandums.

This is mostly an admin update thread. And and all meme//sheet posts will be reported and removed. If something bothers you, make a thread discussing it. Do not devolve this into the same shitfest the last topic was. This goes for everyone. Joe Biden supporter or not.

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On 2/20/2021 at 6:55 AM, Nobody Really said:



The words of his own daughter. Sorry but this is literally the top result on google. So this is what democrats support and what they are all about.

who tf is this site and why tf is it so short? you'd think something this explosive, leaked by a whistleblower, would be filled out with much more detail in the initial page, more sources for verification that it was ashley, etc. and you say "sorry but this is literally the top result on google"; what exactly did you type in the search bar? this is super suspicious

also "so this is what dems support and what they are about"; wtf? this is literally a "one bad all bad" where the "one bad" is based on the presumption of overlapping values. overlapping values aren't a given for any political party; for example, roy moore being a pedo was unacceptable for many Alabama voters despite however much they agreed with him on anything else. so if dems read this article and believed it, you're saying they'd support biden regardless which is not true at all. just look at me; i supported sanders in 2016 and warren in 2020, and yet me and every left-leaning person i know who i've talked about this next thing i'm about to mention, would agree that The Movie That Must Not Be Named (that horrendous netflix exclusive about the girls and all kinds of bullshit) should be taken down, despite the whole establishment insisting that it's a fringe politically motivated campaign (which is also suspicious but would merit its own thread, so no more detail of that here please.)

so no, assuming biden really did those things, and dem voters knew, i'm pretty sure many of them would abandon biden. but that's assuming the post is true; as i said before, super suspicious. why is it that it's always democrat leaders who get hit consistently with accusations about any one or more of the Big Three right wing stigmas accusations (pedoism, satnism, and conspiracy)? i'm not saying nobody that evil exists on the left wing, they're just not in a position of massive enough power to merit civil unrest.

also, you never hear the Big 3 applied to right wing people, and yet such people do exist on the right wing; cernovich has stated a preference to the literal church of satan over CNN (and, to my knowledge, has yet to renounce that position publicly), roy moore was found out to be a pedo, and trump's actions against real and suspected ideological opposition, whether what he did or why was right or wrong, were super shady and secretive to the point someone could consider it a conspiracy without it being anywhere near as huge of a stretch as the latter sentence in your post.

also, notice I never took any of that to say "so this is what trumpers support" or "this is who republicans are" even though i technically could have. you never see that. but whenever you bring a dem, or any liberal, or even a clear-cut moderate who just seems liberal on the surface but is shown to be otherwise under even the slightest scrutiny; if you search long enough, you will eventually find all three accusations heaved against that person as well as a "one bad all bad" situation like the one you used. but i'm above that, and i thought YCM would be completely above that too after the trump thread and all that went on there and then.

please don't do something that could start a flame war next time, or a shitshow like the trump admin thread, because it's been well documented that such statements can start one. i'm dissapointed but not all that suprised.

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added a few things that should have come to me in the original post
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