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FFX #4: Let's Blitz!

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Let's Blitz! (Ultra Rare)

Continuous Spell


Once per turn: You can shuffle 1 card in your hand into the Deck, then Special Summon 1 Level 5 or lower WATER Normal monster from your Deck to either player's field in Defense Position. If a monster is Special Summoned to your opponent's field by this effect: Draw 1 card. If you control "Her Guardian Wakka": You can activate this card from your GY, but banish it when it leaves the field.




For this set, "Let's Blitz!" helps you bring out Tidus to allow Yuna to Special Summon any of her Aeons, from the first turn. Running 3 of these would mean your chance of Special Summoning a certain Aeon increases by +3 cards. The downside is the -1 this card creates: it doesn't create it's own advantage.

This card though can also be used to Special Summon a Normal monster to your opponent's field, allowing you to use Yuna's effect without fear of Imperm. That is now 2 Spell cards from the set (this and Grand Summoning) that protects Yuna from effect negation, from the first turn, (6+ cards), and they also still have their main use. The added draw effect could also be useful, especially in a Deck that revolves around a single card in Yuna.

Lastly, all of the set's Spell and Trap cards like "Let's Blitz!" have a GY activation effect, giving you situational +1, AND also banishing themselves from the GY; hoping to keep the GY empty of these types of cards.  Her Aeon Bahamut makes use of having an empty GY, as well as Anima, who I haven't created yet, but will most likely have an effect that gets stronger the more cards that are banished.

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