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Card Taste Dossier Thread

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Hey there. Haven't been here in a while. 

So, I've been asked to do a Christmas thing for this site! Naturally, I felt that the ideal thing would be card design, given my background as the most prolific designer in the old AGM (my card catalog is actually larger than Konami's at last blush, given the fact that in my five active years on this site, I designed upwards of 12,000 cards, about half of which were part of solidly cohesive archetypes I designed myself, and a good chunk were support for other archetypes). 

However, it's been almost two years since I was last active. Most of my old dossier is uselessNaturally, if I'm going to be making gifts, I need to know what people like. 

This thread will be for everyone who wants to receive a gift. So, I will be checking back repeatedly until December 8th, then posting gifts in a secondary thread for everyone who gives me a workable dossier.


So! Dossiers. How do?


+Thing you like

+Thing you like

+Thing you like

+"Name of archetype/series/specific card you're a fan of",  with reasons if any

-Thing you dislike

-Thing you dislike

-Thing you dislike

-"Name of archetype/series/specific card you dislike", with reasons if any


PLEASE NOTE: I am not an artist. I cannot draw worth scheiße, nor do I pick out card art well worth beans. These will be written cards. Mmkay?

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Feels weird seeing you list your credentials my friend, but if no one else will take you up on your offer, I guess I will!

Name: Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon

Likes: Odd/Barely explored mechanics, Underdeveloped monster types, Names that mean/refer to something - Idioms and such.  Not puns. (i.e. I love the name "That Grass Looks Greener", hate "Toadally Awesome").  Alternatively, if you're supporting an archetype, a name that is thematically fitting.

Archetypes that I like: Recently I've just been a fan of archetypes that have kinda slipped into the cracks and didn't do much of anything in the tcg.  Elementsaber, Nemeses, Gaia, Plunder Patroll ...any archetype in a deck build pack that wasn't meta, etc.

Dislikes: Archetype-based restrictions (unless absolutely necessary), Simple +1 Search/Special Summon effects.

Archetypes that I dislike: Haven't really played meta or anything in a while so I haven't really gotten sick and tired of anything... I guess I am not a big fan of archetypes that already have tons of cards (like, over 40).  Even then, I'm pretty lenient if they haven't done anything or they've been weak for a long time (Archfiends).

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Alright, here I come!

Name: Rayfield Lumina, duh


* WATER Stuff, Aqua, Fish, Sea Serpents are often my favourite types. I also like Psychics and Madolches.

* Waifus

* Protection effects. It's not fun when you finally Summon your strongest, bombastic mob only to get screwed by a stupid Compulsory.

Favourite Archetype:

Atlanteans. My favourite Deck was A Legendary Ocean in its time, but that's not an archetype, yet it's worth mentioning, I guess


* Burn Decks and stalling, milling strategies

* OTKs

* Control stuff

Hated Archetype:

Six Samurai. I don't care too much about the current met, tbh, but I've seen those guys establishing a first turn field with like 4 omninegators. That's sh*t, so no thanks.

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Well, for old time's sake.

Name: The Nyx Avatar

Likes: Occult. I LOVE occult themes. Demons, angels, cults, religions, mythical creatures/beings, eldritch abominations, fairy tales (maybe), witches, magic, and god knows what else.

LIGHT is my favorite Attribute. DARK's a close second though.

Banishing. I love it when cards play around with banished cards. Necroface, Golden Castle of Stromberg, Eater of Millions, Gren Maju Da Eiza, Ritual Beast, Orcust. Also my favorite removal , given how ineffective destruction's become.

Fiend is my favorite Type, but you're more than free to use a variety of Types if they have a good theme (Invoked monsters were very different, but still stuck to a theme with Aleister).

Synchro. It is my favorite Extra Deck monster.

Ladies/girls. I dunno how to elaborate.

Archetypes I like: Fabled (Their name roughly translates to Demon Roar God, and they have mythical creatures), Valkyrie (beautiful armor-clad ladies riding upon pegasi, Infernoid (Hellish robots. And that blue hue is cool), Fairy Tail (adorable take on these fairy tale girls and ladies), Golden Castle of Stromberg (German, fairy tales), Orcust (alludes to Christianity), Dogmatika (the closest we have to an archetype of crusaders), Ritual Beast (pretty cards that banish), Ghostrick (spooky cute; just a damn shame they don't have more self-Summoning), Destiny HERO (my favorite HERO; practical, and give off the anti-hero vibe), Evil HERO (second favorite, and they're Fiends), Chaos (favorite Attributes; and some banishing), Fortune Lady (beautiful, occult, banish), Gishki (occult), Entity (H.P Lovecraft), Gravekeeper (give a big "Fuck you" to Grave-happy cards), Invoked (occult and good Fusion Spell), Prediction Princess (occult ladies), Reptilianne (cool snake ladies), Toon (silly, but dark), Witchcrafter (pretty occult).


Silly stuff. I'm VERY picky. I'll give Toon cards a pass, but not Performapal. And I'll give Toadally Awesome a pass on that name, because it's just the one card, and I thought it was kind of amusing. But not Fur Hire. Dumb deviation from Skyfang Brigade to me, and I hated how it listed the archetype name in the text.

FIRE. It's my least favorite Attribute. Not to say there isn't FIRE stuff I don't like. I love Infernoid. And there's select FIRE cards I like such as Fire Princess and the aforementioned Gren Maju. But there's next to no archetypes I like that are FIRE. I also detest when one of an archetype's main selling point in aesthetic is flames. Be it Flamvell, Flame Noble Knight, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist, Fire King, Hazy Flame, Shiranui, Salamangreat. You get the idea.

Fusion monsters that depend of Polymerization. Either have a good Fusion Spell card of your own or Contact Fusion. Otherwise, I am wasting Deck space trying to Fusion Summon you.

Grave-happy archetypes. Sure, I like Fabled and Orcust. But I hate Burning Abyss and Shaddoll. Any archetpe whose main gimmick is "If this card is sent to the GY". This goes back to what I said about destruction back in my Likes.

Archetypes that depend on one monster. Sure, there's some archetypes I like that have a big, bad ace. But I hate how overdependent some of these get.

Archetypes I dislike: Burning Abyss and Shaddoll ("If this card is sent to the GY"), Fur Hire (That name's dumb, and so is their wording in the text), Flamvell, Flame Noble Knight, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist, Fire King, Hazy Flame, Shiranui, Salamangreat (Put out the flame. I'm not impressed.), Performapal (too silly-looking)

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Hello there! In the name of friendly fun (and helping along creativity) I think I should give this a whirl. I'm not as into the game as most people are (and my knowledge and experience is limited), but I'll do my best to describe what I like and dislike.


  • The idea of banishment is a fun game mechanic I have come to really like due to my experience with "The Agent" and various other monsters. I know there are many ways to get out of banishment, but usually I found people don't really prepare for it unless it is apart of their archetype or strategy. (Could be wrong though as I haven't played against an actual opponent in about a year)
  • Something that other people might hate, if they like newer archetypes, that I like is the cancellation/destruction of special summoning. My more recent duels always had my opponent involve the idea of the special summoning train where you just fill the field (I give you Salamangreat as an example). Because of this I have always wanted to find ways of putting in roadblocks for that kind of strategy not only to speed up the game for my lack of speed reading, but also to actually make them think.
  • I usually gravitate towards Light and Dark monsters for some reason, probably because I like Fairy and Spellcaster monsters with the occasional Cyberse or Warrior monster.

Liked Archetypes: The Agent, Chaos, Gravekeeper, Dark Magician, Fortune Lady


  • ♪ Handtraps and OTK/FTK decks. Milling and burning and self damaging effects . Fusions and pendulums, chains as long as strings... These are a few of my disliked dueling things. ♫
  • Obviously I dislike special summoning trains because it goes by so fast that my slow brain can't handle it. Just because a cat can type and live a semi-normal life, doesn't mean he's any faster at thinking than the normal dumdum!
  • While I can't say I dislike any particular attribute, I do dislike Insects and Zombie monsters. Not only are they usually annoying, the latter always has some kind of death effect that makes it even harder to remove them.

Disliked Archetypes: Salamangreat, Archfiend, Orcust, Danger!

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Given that today is the last day for new additions, I'd like to confirm that I am working on these-

Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon, your upcoming gift is called "Bone Roller", an archetype of skeleton dice . . . because rolling dice is often called "Rolling the bones".

Rayfield Lumina, your upcoming gift is called "Mindmelter", and is a crew of Psychic girls and their Sea Serpent familiars.

Nyx Avatar, your upcoming gift is Dagger Society, an all-female demon cult that focuses on banishing. 

Black Catter, your upcoming gift is called Malispire, a fantasy-inspired pseudo-Chaos archetype of DARK Fairies and LIGHT Spellcasters.

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+Thing you like - Dragons

+Thing you like - Chaos

+Thing you like - Banishing 

+"Name of archetype/series/specific card you're a fan of",  with reasons if any: Well, Chaos Dragons, just appreciate an aggro play style with a cool summon mechanic

-Thing you dislike - Floodgates

-Thing you dislike - Omni-Negates

-Thing you dislike - Towers like cards that you cannot affect 

-"Name of archetype/series/specific card you dislike", with reasons if any - Weathery Painter - dunno, the way they dodge cards and the traps just build up advantage constantly irritate me. Same deal with Altergeist and Subterror

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Name: Sleepy
Like: Battle-focused themes like D.D. Crazy Beast, Giant Rat, Madolche Puddingcess, Peropero Cerperos, Zombinella, etc.
Like: Disruption, capabilities but if possible avoiding "negate" as a function.
Like: When varied traits can be added (like Elemental difference such as Charmers or the anime E HERO cards for example).

As obsolete as they might be, I'm a big fan of the Dark Scorpions and have tried running them with other ideas over the years (Genex Ally Crusher, Darkworld Shackles, Orichalcos, and Prideful Roar functioned decently back in the Xyz era strangely but even generic good stuffs is outdated by now so I haven't been able to crack a new code for a while and have been testing DAD, Dogmatika Punishment etc.). This and my first "like" point should give a nice idea of the feel of how much of a filthy casual I am the stuff I like xD
I even tried replicating their sort of effects in EARTHs, or with non-archetype options like (Masked Sorcerer, White Magical Hat, Spirit Reaper, etc.)

Dislike: Spamfests (if it always has to die to Nibiru or can't do anything under Winda, it's probably just a boring fodder extension engine and nothing else...)
Dislike: Floodgates (anything that says "I made my play, now they can't play the game").
Dislike: That stuff like beasts or insects and other such types be illustrated as warrior-looking monsters in suits instead of an interesting creature (example Inzektors aren't really bugs).

I dislike Ritual Beasts. Keeping track of all the hard OPT clause Summons of materials is a hassle, and even simpler gameplay is prone to issues in this regard as it is... and honestly they dance around too much and don't end up with that much of a huge board in any sense of the word.

EDIT: Ah, almost forgot... Kozmo. That's like, one of my least favorite archetypes ever. Something about their floating gimmick rubs me the wrong way even though I do like other archetypes that float xD

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  • 2 weeks later...

In case literally anyone cares in these last 4 days, I'll just put up my own dossier:


+The number 3. Levels/Ranks 3, 6, 9, and 12, Link-3 monsters, the fabled idea of a Link-6. Stat values that are divisible by 3. I even try to incorporate 3 different Summoning mechanics into archetypes.

+Overall, Dragon, Spellcaster, Plant, and Rock are my favorite Types, I wish Reptiles got anything good (I like snakes and lizards), and Machines have the potential to be incredibly fun.

+DARK and FIRE are my favorite Attributes (the most and least populated Attributes, funny enough), but a few of my favorite Decks have given me a soft spot for EARTH and WIND. 

+I like feeling like a villain when I play the game. Relentless OTKs, resources that just keep coming, removal out the ass, putting my opponents on a clock. For the same reason, I love recursion- a theoretically immortal boss monster is something I've been toying around with for half a decade at this point. 

+Strange mechanics. Counters, cards that float off of banishment, I wish "Underworld Resonance Synchro Fusion" was printed, cards that change in function depending on how they were Summoned, the Flamvell Firedog effect . . .

+IRL, I play a Rock strategy I call Sneaky Pebbles (Gogogo mixed with Rock Stun and a few FLIPRocks, with Megarock Dragon to steal games),  Rokket/Borrel, Lord of the Red turbo, F.A., Incan Dragon EBI, Predalight (Predaplant + Lunalight works better than you'd think), Heavy Metal Raiders.dek, an aggressive Blue-Eyes strategy, Endymion, Aroma+Ra, Charmers, Lair of Darkness Critias, Warrior R4 mishmash (making Rhongo the fun way), A-to-Z, Stromberg, Mathmech, Red Dragon Archfiend, Raidraptors, Shaddolls, Trap Monsters feat. Uria and Plasma, and Dark Magician . . . I'm waiting for Sunavalon to get Glorious Growth to act on them, I wish there were a single fun Reptile archetype, Igknights were fun while they lasted, Fossils are a cool concept that needed to come out earlier, and there needs to be a FIRE archetype that's genuinely fun to play. 

-Aggressive negation and locks. Mine is a bastard, Skill Drain is lame, most handtrap interactions boil down to "no", and even in my Decks with negate bosses I don't rush to them because watching my opponent scoop is just not . . . fun.

-Archetype members that clash. If a Deck has a theme, a shared effect, everybody has to get with the program. Rokket Synchron infuriates me to this day, Toons piss me off because I can never remember which ones have which set of restrictions, most early Duel Terminal archetypes make me sad by mishmashing full control with full OTK and everything in between . . .

-"Package" play. Might just be my legendarily bad luck talking, but the idea of throwing like 5 cards in from another archetype to accomplish one specific play seems incredibly lucksacky. 

-Oh yeah, reliance on randomness. Coin tosses and die rolls are obvious, but the messiness of mills and excavations turned me off from Decks like Lightsworn, Sylvan, and Adamancipator.

-Most Zombie, Fiend, and Cyberse strategies. Not much a fan of the aesthetics there, mostly, and the former two live and die by random milling half the time. 

-Counter Fairies, Gravekeepers, Salamangreat, Infernoid, LS, Code Talkers, the standard lineup of FTK bastards, Ghostrick, Kaijus as a matter of principle, Altergeists, Six Samurai to this very day, PSYFrames, Sky Strikers, Eldlich . . .

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Any tabs I left open were automatically closed, and all information in them was removed. I had a full length thread with explanations for why effects worked the way they did, theme music, and literally 63 cards in fully designed sets, and my phone did not so much as give me an option to not update. EVERYTHING is gone, and I can't remember everything. So, here's a brief breakdown of everything I remember, as a sincere apology:

Bone Die was 6 EARTH Zombies of different Levels who Summoned themselves from your hand if any effect that rolled a die produced the same result as their Level. They also had various consistency and removal effects tied to die rolls, which were HOPT, and their Level 6 had a negate that worked based on a die roll. There were 3 Bone Roller spells, all of which had more die rolling effects- 1 Field, a Normal Spell that rolled 2 dice and let you revive Bone Die monsters from your Graveyard whose Levels exactly equaled the combined roll, and a Continuous Spell. There was a Counter Trap that let you change die rolling effects to match the Level of a Bone Die in your hand, and re-Set itself HOPT.

Mindmelters were composed of 5 WATER Psychic monsters- 1 Level 2, 3 Level 3, and 1 Level 4- who all had effects that triggered when sent to the Graveyard by a archetypal card effect, and a consistency or spam effect tied to discarding or Tributing another member (one of which Foolished one), all of which got full descriptions for their artwork and posing, as per Ray's request. There were also 3 Sea Serpent Tuners that skipped the consistency effects for the ability to self-Summon- 2 Level 5s and 1 Level 7. All Main Deck monsters gave a removal effect to the Synchros, which each consisted of one of the girls posed with one of the Sea Serpents, both receiving a new outfit in the process and being tethered together by light. The three Synchros were two Level 8s with their only base effects being protection and the ability to revive one of the fodder monsters, and a Level 9 with better protection and the ability to re-Summon itself by shuffling appropriate Synchro Material from your Graveyard into your Deck. 3 Spells that helped accomplish the gameplan, 1 Continuous Trap that protected all archetypal hand and Graveyard effects from response, and a disgustingly powerful Counter Trap that re-Set itself if sent to the Graveyard by an archetypal effect. 

Dagger Society was an all-female LIGHT Fiend archetype, a cult designed around banishing your opponent's cards, and shuffling themselves en masse back into the Deck if they wound up getting banished themselves (and triggering an effect in the process). 3 each of Level 2s and 4s, with one Tuner at each of those Levels. Their Synchros were 2 Level Sixes that were the leaders of this cult that only did things on Synchro Summon, but put themselves back in the ED by banishing archetypal monsters from the Graveyard, and a Level 8 that gave you three negates per turn if your opponent wound up with more banished cards than you (one each for monsters, Spells, and Traps). Their field was a stat drop to all of your opponent's monsters for each of their banished cards, two other Spells, and a Continuous Trap that implies the Dagger Society already took over.

Malispire was relatively small- a Field Spell that forced your opponent to banish a number of cards from their Graveyard equal to the number of archetypal monsters on your field to Special Summon monsters, a Continuous Trap that did the same thing for each effect your opponent dared activate during your turn, a Continuous Spell that gave you an extra draw during your opponent's turn if they had more banished cards than you, and 3 each of LIGHT Spellcasters and DARK Fairies of different Levels that helped in a kind of pseudo-Chaos strategy.

The Chaos Dragon support was two new mini Dragons that were most notable for searching monsters of the opposite Attribute that Summoned themselves by banishing monsters when they themselves were banished, two new Level 8 bosses that give Chaos as a strategy more flexibility in gameplan, a new Level 10 boss that uses the Levianeer condition in a much more interesting way, and a Continuous Spell that is essentially a OPT effect that targets 3 LIGHT or DARK Dragons that are banished and puts 1 in Deck, 1 in the Graveyard, and 1 in your hand, and your opponent can only force one of the three. 

Crush Blade was 6 Level 4 Warriors of different Attributes that had Quick Effects to attack a monster the exact moment it was Summoned, 6 different effects upon inflicting damage, and 6 different effects that triggered if one of their friends was currently battling. It also had a Continuous Trap that could be used as a handtrap if your opponent used the ED while you controlled no monsters- it could OPT Summon a Crush Blade monster from your hand, and boosted the ATK of an archetypal monster by 1000 if they were battling a monster with the same Attribute as themselves. They had a Field Spell that turned the whole squad into Armades and gave them piercing, and an Equip Spell that was an archetypal United We Stand and let the equipped monster use the effects of another archetype member on the field, in addition to its own, when it inflicted damage. 


Anyone who is disappointed, I have to agree, but I literally cannot do this all again in time. I'll have to work on each, one at a time, and it'll keep going partway into January.

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Don't worry. We can wait however much you need if you still wanna retry this. I second Rayfield's post: Thank you for all the effort you put up to try to give us something nice to liven the mood around here. We appreciate it even if you lost the data.

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I mean, it's not competitive in the slightest (more of a meme theme Deck), and my friends play in a "+1" format (Traditional, but Limited cards are semi, and Semi cards are at 3), but here's a list I currently use:


Gogogo Golem x1

Gogogo Gigas x2

DododoDwarf GogogoGlove x3

Gogogo Giant x3

Gogogo Goram x3

Gogogo Aristera & Dexia x3

Golem Sentry x3

Guardian Statue x3

Ko'aki Mieru Guardian x1

Ko'aki Mieru Sandman x2

Tackle Crusader x1

Primineral Mandstrong x2

Primineral Kongreat x2

Block Dragon x1

Megarock Dragon x1

Graceful Charity x1

Monster Reborn x1

Burial from a Different Dimension x1

Rock Bombardment x3

Infinite Impermanence x3


Number 52: Diamond Crab King x1

Daigusto Emeral x2

Gallant Granite x3

Number 55: Gogogo Goliath x3

Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight x3

Gem-Knight Pearl x1

Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison x2

Geonator Ttansverser x3


Doki Doki x3

Harpie's Feather Duster x1

Torrential Tribute x3

MST x3

Dark Hole x3

Called by the Grave x2

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