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Test with Limited Resources [Written]

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Test with Limited Resources

Continuous Spell

You can only activate "Test with Limited Resources" at the start of your Main Phase 1. There can be only 1 face-up "Test with Limited Resources" on the field. At the start of each player's turn, that player can skip his/her Draw Phase. If a player add a card(s) from their deck to their hand, send this face-up card to the graveyard, and his/her opponent draw 3 cards.

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Very interesting.  It rewards a deck that can somehow output decent boards while only using cards in hand/GY.  My first thought went to Zombies since they've still got some decent 1-card plays.  Turn 1 Omega with this would be a pain.

I'm interested in the theoretical deckbuilding that you'd have to do around this card.  You could definitely make a case for this as a going-second card (if you can out your opponent's turn 1 board, then this card seriously restricts your opponent's follow-up plays), but you'd likely want this turn 1.  Also, I'm not sure what the best ratio for running this alongside handtraps...  you obviously can't run a ton of handtraps alongside this because then you can't output a decent board, but if your opponent decides to search/draw, then you'd likely want to draw into some handtraps to help you out.  There's also the fact that this is a pretty bad brick from turn 3 and onward...

Fascinating card.


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The intended idea of the card is to be played in a slower format where using graveyard as resources is pretty rare (at best it's either Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial). But after I see you can still move the card from the deck, at first I want to make it even more restrictive, but since not every decks can't use graveyard as an immediate resources, seems it's completely fine. It's supposed to be build-around card like Sekka's Light.

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