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Old Elemental Hero support cards retrains

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I've decided to do some retrains on some old Elemental HERO cards (and cards related to Elemental HERO's) 

Pet Wroughtweiler 

Level 3/EARTH 


(This card is treated as a 'HERO' monster while on the field or the GY) If this card is sent to the GY, you can add 1 fusion spell card that mentions an 'Elemental HERO' monster on its card text and 1 HERO monster in your GY to your hand except 'Pet Wroughtweiler' If this card is used as a fusion material monster you can add 1 'Miracle fusion' from your deck to your hand. You can only activate the effect of 'Pet Wroughtweiler' once per turn.

ATK/800 DEF/1200 


Elemental HERO Snow Man 

Level 3/WATER 


During the turn this card is normal or special summoned you can normal summon/set 1 additional 'Elemental HERO' monster (you only gain this effect once per turn) if this card is sent to the GY for a fusion summon you can banish 1 spell/trap in your opponent's GY 

ATK/800 DEF/900 


Elemental HERO light burst 

Level 4/LIGHT 


When this card is special summoned you can target up to 2 banished 'HERO' monsters move those to the GY. If this card is used as a fusion material monster for a 'Elemental HERO' fusion monster you can add 1 fusion spell card in your GY that lists 'Elemental HERO' in its card text. 

ATK/ 1100 DEF/1600 



HERO Trophy 


If an 'Elemental HERO' monster you control is destroyed by battle or by card effect shuffle this card into the deck and then draw 1 card. If that monster was a fusion monster you can draw 2 cards instead. If any of those card(s) drawn were level 4 or lower 'HERO' monsters you can special summon them but they cannot change their battle positions.  


HERO Force-field 


Activate only if you control at least 1 face up 'Elemental HERO' monster. Apply the appropriate effect. 

*If a 'Elemental HERO' monster would be selected as an attack target, banish 1 warrior type monster in your GY end the battle phase. 

*If an 'Elemental HERO' monster would be targeted by a card effect, discard 1 warrior type monster negate and destroy that card. 

*If an 'Elemental HERO' would be destroyed by battle or you would take damage from a battle involving an 'Elemental HERO' return 1 warrior type monster in your hand or GY to your deck that monster can't be destroyed by battle and all battle damage you would take for that turn becomes 0. 


HERO Friendship 


If there is a face up 'Elemental HERO' on the field special summon 1 'Elemental HERO' monster from your hand or GY. If it is above level 5 it can't attack directly. If you draw this card during your draw phase and you have no other cards in your hand and can control no monsters you can discard this card to special summon 2 'Elemental HERO' monsters from your GY.  


Change of HERO-Reflector Blast 


If a 'Elemental HERO' fusion monster you control is removed from the field due to a card effect, inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monsters level x300. If you control another 'HERO' monster when that monster left the field you can activate this card from your hand and if you do, you can inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monsters ATK instead. 


So if any of you are confused, these cards are retrains of hero cards: 

Pet Wroughtweiler = Wroughtweiler 

Elemental Hero Snow man = Elemental Hero Ice edge 

Elemental Hero Light Burst = Elemental Hero Flash 

Hero trophy = Hero medal 

Hero force-field = Hero barrier (also Hero spirit too I guess) 

Hero friendship = Hero bond 

Change of HERO- reflector blast = Change of HERO - reflector ray 



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Pet Wroughtweiler needs to specify if it is "each effect once per turn" or "1 of its effects only once that turn". Right now the way it is worded makes that a bit vague.
I'm under the impression the intention is the latter, otherwise using it as material would fulfill both and search you 2 cards.

Snowman I believe must be Ice Edge's retrain. It is quite a different effects all around. It doesn't pop in-field S/T nor does it have anything to do with attacking directly or even the battle phase. I can picture this card extending after Solid Soldier drops. Enabling cool little things like Stratos potentially popping 2 cards or going Liquidman and making a play independent from the Vision HERO plays. The S/T banishing from GY is a bit niche but it is fine as it evens out with the floats the other material are most likely gonna provide in the combos, and it does work against stuff like Shaddolls or Eldlitch.

That Flash retrain is quite a good recycler. It is what I was hoping to see in fact. There's a lot of "get from Deck" tools so this works great IMO. Now if we get a Necroshade that banishes itself it could also help here.
I thought it was Voltic until I saw the rest of the post saying otherwise xD

HERO Trophy sounds like a lot of fun. Kinda wish it went to the bottom of the deck before the draw and then the millions of deck-shuffling enabler searches would still work well in its favor. You know what else can work out? The Spell "Rapid Trigger". It is a quick-play fusioning spell that destroys the materials and makes the Fusion unaffected by Extra Deck monster effects. It'd be worth a test. You might want to add a hard "once per turn" clause to it though, especially because you can just draw it again or a copy right away and I bet somebody would find a way to use it to go brrrrrrrrr xD

Force Field is pretty straight forward. Sounds a potentially fine although a bit broad..... hmm yeah...

HERO Friendship's Bubbleman-like effect sounds fine to fix their lack of comeback ability. Though I don't think you should really apply a drawback to Level 5+ Main Deck HERO monsters... they are already not all that popular to begin with unless you are playing Neo Spacians instead of HERO (because of Neos only). In fact, the card would be more fair if it only went for those high level ones. Otherwise it's just another extender, and having a lot of options to put more HERO monster onto the field instead of searching them into the hand might end up making them more attractive for Xyz/Link shenanigans than their intended Fusion Summons... kind of like how it happened with Lunalights.

The last card is a bit more unimpressive. It is mostly burn. As I was reading I was kinda hoping/expecting it to have the remaining other HERO gain the fallen one's ATK. Then something wacky like having said Fusion come back to the field (boosted) if the boosted HERO left the field. Or something like that..... but I guess I am just talking of a completely different effect.

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