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Ticked Track Beau (Goodbye 2-0-2-0, Hello 5-In-A-Row)

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Ticked Track Beau

LIGHT/Warrior-Type Link Effect Monster/Link-5/2500 ATK 

Arrows: Bottom Left/Bottom/Bottom Right/Right/Upper Right

Lore: 2+ monsters
You can also Special Summon this card (from your Extra Deck) by using 3 monsters in a column where all of those zones are occupied, or by Tributing 4 monsters you control and using 1 monster in either Main Monster Zone, as the entire material. Unaffected by the effects of cards that are not in this card's column. Once per turn, during the End Phase (Quick Effect): You can destroy all cards in 1 column, then if you destroyed 5 cards this way, you win the Duel during the end of the next turn's Main Phase 2.


Happy not-2020-any-longer, folks. To celebrate, how about some Tic-Tac-Toe Links?

Like this one, who's very existence revolve around the 'five setting, and especially shows it off in her Link Summoning method. First one is basically a slightly more effective version of Blasting Fuse, and the second effect which is basically a lesser version of Saros Eresh. Then, if you manage to pull off ANOTHER Blasting Fuse during the End Phase, you win the Duel in the next 5 Phases.

Doubt  there'll be much problem holding a line though, considering its corridor immunity effect. 

Nice way to stay safe this holiday season. 

Until the next card; reviews, revelry, you know the drill.

BD'S, signing off.

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Only thing I don't like is the alternate win condition. The rest looks solid, and good job on the artwork pic and the filter, it looks great. The alternate summoning methods reminds me of that LIGHT/Fiend Link5 recently released, Saros Eresh Kurnugias, that also can inherently use an opponent's monster as material.

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