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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Beta Sign Up

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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker v4 Beta Sign Up The latest iteration of the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker is nearing completion, and I'll soon be opening it up for beta testing. What's new, you may ask? Link, Pe

Yeah, although I may disable database saving initially, because the table column structure needs to be set in stone. If any changes need to be made early in the beta phase, it would be difficult to ma

Also sign me up too I've been waiting well... I Yah Love This SITE.

On 1/3/2021 at 10:18 AM, YCMaker said:

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker v4 Beta Sign Up

The latest iteration of the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker is nearing completion, and I'll soon be opening it up for beta testing. What's new, you may ask?

  • Link, Pendulum, and many more card types and attributes
  • Updated, higher-res graphics
  • More accurate fonts and foil effects
  • Realtime preview while editing
  • Easier saving and sharing of your cards

The card maker has been completely rewritten, which is why I'll be doing a small beta test before opening it up to the general public. I'm looking for members who are excited to try out the new card maker before anyone else, and are willing to report any bugs they come across, inconsistencies with the rules of the TCG, or aspects of the user experience that can be improved. What I'm looking for in beta testers:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Well-versed in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG
  • Huge plus: Prior experience doing QA for a product launch

If this sounds like you, please respond to this post with a short message explaining why you'd like to be chosen as a beta tester. I will select a maximum of 10 testers initially, finalizing my selections within 2 weeks. Those who are selected will become part of the Beta Tester user group, giving them access to the new card maker as well as an exclusive forum dedicated to this beta test. Please keep in mind, this is the very earliest phase of testing I'm doing for this card maker, so you will come across bugs and missing features. I am hoping that with your help, we can resolve these issues promptly and open the new Card Maker up to the rest of the community in the coming weeks!


Oh, and there's one more thing, although I can't go into much detail yet. The launch of this new Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker is actually just a small part of a much bigger project I've been developing over the past year. More details to come soon!

Sign me up please 

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Hey So when is this Beta I known when you posted this You said 2 weeks I known I known I known... its Only been a week and we still have Yet Another week to come before the Beta Test But on what Date Day is it on Exactly? That What I want to know and Whats... Up with the New Users that Join but don't have there accounts active just to Sing up for the Beta Test its been Happening Since Monday of this Week... And There Accounts have barely any post created after they singed up and There Accounts Seem to be only a Few Days old We Me I Joined In December 29th of 2020 and The accounts Seem to be from January+ of 2021 and onward what is up with that I'm not trying to be would if they created why not post stuff on it Maybe... I Should Just SHUT UP... yeah I'm Sorry That was Complete of Topic and was't what I was Suppose to Talk About Sorry... What I wanted To Ask was when is the Beta Test Exactly? what is its Date Exactly?

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On 1/2/2021 at 9:18 PM, YCMaker said:


I would be honored to be part of this project! I used TGO Card Maker for years, and realizing to be part of a beta test team for the new version would drive me crazy! I would be a perfect beta teste, and report any kind of issues I'll come across, creating the highest number of cards I could for helping the realization of this project.

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I would like to be in this project too. Even though i don't have any self-made card singles/multiples or archetype(s), i can say that i rely on my card making skills and TCG knowledge.

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As someone who's original account (Bunsbuns11) has been here for about a decade, and this current one still actively looking and crafting, if only in the private capacity, I for one would be elated to be allowed into the prestigious beta testing program!

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1 hour ago, Zamazenta said:

@YCMaker Hey YCMaker I have a Question for You haven't answered yet You haven't Giving me or the others a date just said 2 weeks... Come on I need a Little Detail here to Known when Exactly when this is So can you Please give me an Exact Date Please?

January 16th

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Although I don't seem to fit your bullet points to a T (It has been a while since I played/tinkered with YuGiOh, and many of the rare rules like what happens when you Tribute doesn't seem to stick.) , I would like to be in on the ground floor. I will check my cards before showing them and probably could come up with an effect that uses up many of the letters of the alphabet (I think). You can say no, I understand. I probably don't fit. I'm only saying that I am interested.


Even if I don't get into the beta, I will wait and see what can be made and what I can come up with.

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I'd love to be a tester for the card maker. I've been creating cards for years and i came across a lot of different card makers. So I'm sure i can help you, especially since I'm a perfectionist that means i can spot some glitches or features that you might need to adjust to make the most realistic and nice looking card maker. I don't if you still need people to test but for sure i would be very happy if i get that chance.

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