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The Organization | [LIOV] Booby Game (ygorganization.com)


You can only use this card name’s (2) effect once per turn.
(1) If a monster(s) battles, during damage calculation: You take no battle damage from that battle.
(2) If this Set card you control is destroyed by an opponent’s card effect and sent to your GY: You can target up to 2 Normal Traps in your GY, except “Booby Game”; Set them to your field. They can be activated this turn.

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Toy for Normal-Trap heavy Decks, but no support for Continuous nor Counter Traps make it less fun. Makes me wonder if this is worth running over Waking the Dragon, though, since you can Summon pseudo-win conditions like Revolution Falcon trough it, needs no GY set-up, and both have same activation condition. The only plus this has is that it more alive and can save your LP in a pinch. You could run both in a Deck centered around Durendal and other effects that replace effects into backrow removal.

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