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Anion Knight


Thunder / Effect

Lv5 / ATK 0 / DEF 0

(1) While in your hand, decrease the Level of this card by 1 for each face-up monster your opponent controls

(2) If the Level of this card becomes 0 or -1: Special Summon this card from your hand.

(3) Once per turn: You can increase the Level of this card by 1 to decrease the Level of all monsters in your hand by 2.

(4) During the turn you use this card's (3) effect: The ATK of this card becomes equal to it's current Level ×500.

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There are actual cards that would do well with this card so let’s say this did make it into a set there would be more than 1 set there would be 3 decks for this card because how many cards go well with this concept or 1 mega sized box set that would come with cards that go well with this card so from that point of view I say you expand on it.

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I assume the first effect is passively continuous?

Hand level modulation already exists with "Cost Down" and the like, and I do not believe the game allows for a 0 level, even by card effect (the effect can still be had with a level 1, though). 


Interesting design. Thou may wish to look into the "Mischief of the" traps, as they are also based around such modulation.



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There are cards that can be reduced to Lv0 through their own effects and 5Ds technically introduced the concept of negative Levels when they introduced Dark Synchros. Also Lv0 monsters were technically introduced in Season 5 of the original anime.

Silent Swordsman Lv0

Silent Magician Lv0

So yeah, Kazuki Takahashi already introduced both concepts in the anime/manga. Also, it is now possible to have Level/Rank 13+ monsters through effects.

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4 hours ago, Arcadia warlic said:

However, negative levels are exclusive to the anime. The Dark Synchros exist as regular monsters in the game.

That part sucks. But yeah, the first effect on the card makes it so you can potentially SS a Lv0 or -1 monster. But ultimately, further Level modulation may be possible but I think -1 is a pretty fair start. Generally, your opponent can have up to 6 monsters so I mean, you get a 3k beatstick for free even if you fail to meet the SS condition.

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The last effect happens as a result of the the third effect. This means that the level increase would essentially put it at 0 then it would increase as the level increased.

Also, just noting that if this card were to be used as a stand alone, the first effect would have to decrease its level to 0 or -1 to apply the SS effect. But the other 2 effects still work regardless.

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