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[LIVO] Secret Springs Countryside of the Far East

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Secret Springs Countryside of the Far East

Field Spell

You can only activate "Secret Springs Countryside of the Far East" once per turn. 1.

During the Main Phase: Either player can gain 500 LP, also apply the following effects for the player who activated this effect during this turn.

- The Normal and Special Summons of your monsters cannot be negated.

- If you activate a monster's effect or a Spell/Trap card effect that includes an effect that Special Summons a monster, the activation of that card(s) cannot be negated.

- Set Spells/Traps on your field cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects, also they cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects


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A card meant to secure your plays, but it's a lot less imposing than Magical Mid-Breaker Field in terms of sheer protection.  That small consistent LP gain could also be nice if they decide to make another deck like Aroma that focuses on LP.

EDIT: Amended my comment!

Edited by Mr Melon
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