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Block Dog - Adamancipator/Rock Stun Enabler

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Block Dog

3 | Earth | Rock | Effect
700 / 1800
Once per turn: If a Rock monster(s) you control would be destroyed by battle or a card effect: you can banish a non-EARTH monster from your graveyard instead.

Honestly have no idea on Power Level regarding the current meta, but I will go through my design process:

1. EARTH and Rock because it is meant to slot into Rock Stun and Adamancipator lists.

2. Level 3 to act as a counterpart to Block Golem.

3. Banishes a non-EARTH monster to protect Rock monsters to help facilitate Block Golem after an Adamancipator synchro has been destroyed or otherwise sent to the graveyard.

4. 700/1800 to Block Golem's 1000/1500 to put some kind of risk in simply summoning this in face-up attack position.

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I really appreciate that it fits the flavor of the other Block cards!  I'm imagining that the picture is some Lego dog fetching another Lego block for a big Lego construction project.

As for the card effect... I think it is okay at best.  I don't personally think it would benefit high-level rock decks all that much.  It is an effect that is just too reactive (opponent-oriented), and limited (once per turn).  While destruction is still common enough that this would likely protect something, the opponent will be able to see that and will probably try to play around it.  Even if they have to play through it, it is not a really big hindrance.  Furthermore, aside from the Koa'ki Mieru cards, the Rocks in an Adimancipator build aren't the threats; The threats are usually the non-rocks (Apollousa, Savage Dragon, etc.).

If I were to offer some more practical advice, this effect would probably be better suited on a Spell/Trap card.  The opponent would be forced to dedicate resources into Spell/Trap destruction before being able to easily get rid of your rock monsters (which is a little more difficult than trying to get rid of a 700 ATK monster).  Alternatively, you could give it some way to protect itself while also protecting your other rocks ("Gullveig of the Nordic Ascendant" is a good example of how to do this).

Good luck!

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