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[BLVO] Breath of Acclamation & Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX

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So now we have a WIND version of Earth Chant and Sprite's Blessing, but in Normal Spell form?! Ok...

21 minutes ago, Dragulas said:

Am i missing something or is the ritual a normal spell?

It wouldn't be the first Spell that Ritual Summons that isn't a Ritual Spell. Amorphous Persona from SHVI was a Field Spell that Ritual Summons Amorphactor Pain.

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In any case, this looks like it's in the same vein as Sauravis: Discard effect + an effect that bounces itself back to hand from field.  I guess there might be an EARTH Dragon counterpart eventually that uses Earth Chant?

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For a moment I thought Konami was just screwing WIND again, but good thing it was just a misprint. Not ideal but not the worst.
I think it's a little late in the game's life to be getting exact Level generic elemental Ritual Spells with no extra quirk to them considering Earth Chant and Contact with the Abyss  came out almost 20 years ago. If we go by the time difference between Sprite's Blessing's release and this card, I guess we can expect the FIRE and WATER ones to complete the set in 8 to 10 more years.... even though we got stuff like the Drytron Spell nowadays that says "any Ritual Monster in the game from hand or GY, just match its ATK+ rather than Level lol".

The Ritual sounds like a very solid hand trap if not for the fact it needs to be a direct attack and not just any attack. Still has potential there.
I'd love to see a sort of lesser cube/closed/custom format like the Battle Packs or Duel Links formats that utilized the less conventional but interesting hand traps: this card, Sauravis, Rainbow Kuriboh, Mahaama the Fairy Dragon, the new "MIradora" monster that just came out in secret rare, Mana Dragon Zirnitron. We have a bunch of fun-looking effects that just don't seem to make the cut.

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