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Rate (in comments I guess) my custom deck :) (although has a lot of dark magician things so idk)

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main deck:

Kuriboh 2x (if u know what the card does in ur hand it's ok)

Guardragon Justicia 1x (btw since this is my IRL deck I don't have many copy's)

Dreamsprite 1x (took a lesson in how kuriboh isn't used much in competitive...at least I think)

Kiseitai 1x

Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch 1x

Kaibaman 1x 

Super Defense Robot Monki 1x

Silent Swordsman LV3 1x

Giant Soldier Of Stone 1x

Big Shield Gardna 1x

Mystical Elf 1x

Silent Magician LV4 1x

Super Defense Robot Lio 1x

Danger! Chupacabra! 1x

Kojikocy 1x

Battlin' Boxer Switchitter 1x

Star Drawing 1x

Fencing Fire Ferret 1x

Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw 1x

Shiny Black "C" Squadder 1x

Nobleman-Eater bug 1x

Catapult Turtle 1x

Silent Swordsman LV5 1x

Volcanic Hammerer 1x

Dark Magician Girl 1x

Dark Magician 3x (I got a box of Yugi's Exodia, Battle City, and Gadget decks)

Buster Blader 1x

Silent Swordsman LV7 1x

Super Defense Robot Elephan 1x (I got all three, the different ones, of them and idk when I got them lol)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon 1x

Silent Magician LV8 1x

Magician Of Black Chaos 1x

Black Luster Soldier 1x

Spells & Traps:

Dedication Through Light And Darkness 1x

Mystical Space Typhoon 1x

Black Luster Ritual 1x

Black Magic Ritual 1x

Field Barrier 1x

Dark Magic Attack 1x

Thousand Knives 1x

Burst Stream Destruction 1x

Dark Hole 1x

Emblem Of Dragon Destroyer 1x

Monster Reborn 1x (I have so many Monster Reborns lol)

Polymerization 1x (same with how I have a lot of Monster Reborns)

Swords Of Revealing Light 1x

United We Stand 1x

Magic Formula 1x

Horn Of The Unicorn 1x

Ribbon of Rebirth 1x

Spellbinding Circle 1x

Magic Cylinder 1x

The Deep Grave 1x

Jar Of Greed 1x

Mirror Force 2x

Extra Deck:

Azure-Eye Silver Dragon 1x

Dark Paladin 1x

Knightmare Phoenix 1x

Knightmare Unicorn 1x

Knightmare Gryphon 1x

Gagaga Cowboy 1x

Number C101: Silent Honor Dark 1x

So yeah that's my IRL deck and since I just discovered this website, why not use :)

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It was kinda difficult to tell how your deck looked and its makeup just from a list, so I decided to put it in a more visual form.

This is what it looks like as listed:



...and this is what it looks like when reordered:




Do you play with friends or something?  I can give some generic tips to probably help make the deck better if you want.

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On 1/21/2021 at 9:37 PM, GodlyUsername said:

Mr melon yeah I'm just a casual so you know 

Hey, that's no problem!  I've found that casual duels tend to be the most fun sometimes.  You never know how the next draw could change the outcome!

Still, there are a couple things that I might recommend to smooth out the rough edges of your deck (even at a casual level):

  • Dedication through Light and Darkness - Your deck does not contain "Dark Magician of Chaos" and the card cannot be used to summon the Ritual monster either.  Unfortunately, the card doesn't actually do anything in your deck.
  • Field Barrier - I don't see any field spells in your deck, so I'm not 100% sure why it's there.  I'd strongly recommend taking it out.  If it is meant to counter your opponent's field spells, a second Mystical Space Typhoon might be more useful (if you have MST in your first turn you can set it and destroy the opponent's field spell during their turn, and if you draw it after they play the field spell, you can still destroy it).
  • Jar of Greed - Drawing cards is almost always good, but Jar of Greed tends to not be as helpful as other draw cards.  In terms of playing the game, it is almost like when you draw Jar of Greed you are giving up your Draw Phase for that turn so you can draw 2 cards next turn.  Wouldn't you rather have that next draw now?  By removing Jar of Greed, you are cutting out the middleman.


General tips:

2-card combos

2-card combos are fun, but difficult to pull off effectively unless your deck has some consistency to it.  I would not recommend using them in a casual setting because it is very easy to play a full duel and never see both combo pieces, especially if your deck has way more than 40 cards.  Some 2-card combos in your deck are:

  • The Rituals + Ritual Spells: If you don't have a way to get both in your hand, you cannot use either card and it will be as if you have 1 less card than your opponent overall.
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Burst Stream of Destruction: Unlike the Rituals, you can use BEWD on its own, but "Burst Stream" is very specific and very difficult to pull off because of how reliant it is on BEWD.  You might be able to pull it off every now and then, but Burst Stream is likely to be a useless card much more often than it would be useful.
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Kaibaman: While both cards are monsters (and are therefore usable), Kaibaman is almost useless without BEWD.  Again, BEWD and Kaibaman end up being similar to Rituals - difficult or impossible to use without the other.*
  • DM/DMG + Magic Formula: While the monsters can be used as monsters for actually defeating your opponent, the equip spell is very specific.  Just like BEWD and its attack spell, it might not end up being very helpful if you don't get both**
  • DM + Dark Magic Attack/Thousand Knives: Similar issue as BEWD and Burst Stream.**

* If you only have 1 copy of Kaibaman and BEWD, I would recommend removing both.  However, the more copies of both you have, the more consistent the combo becomes.

** Dark Magician is in a slightly different situation from BEWD.  You have 3 DMs in your deck already.  The issue is getting DM on the field so you can use your 2-card combos.  If you have ways of getting it on the field easier somehow, then you can keep your 2-card combos, otherwise, it might be better to remove them entirely.


High-Level Monsters

You've probably run into a few situations where your hand has a bunch of high-level monsters and no way to summon them.  It looks like about 1/4 of your deck is high level monsters.  In general, that is probably too much, especially if you are able to use strong Extra Deck monsters.  Remember to weigh the costs for each high level monster you put in your deck; too many and you will find yourself unable to play anything.

A good general rule for a good balance might be 1/5 of a deck can be high-level things, and among that 1/5, most should be Level 5-6 (or cards that can be Special Summoned).  So in a 40 card deck, 8 high-level monsters at most.  Your deck is 57 cards, so (at most) you should probably stick to 11 high-level cards.  Your deck has 13 + 2 Rituals.


Hope these tips were helpful!  Maybe you can share some of your duel stories on here!

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52 minutes ago, GodlyUsername said:

I do have maician of chaos in there so just a mistake on your part

I don't think I did; I just double checked the list. You did not write "Dark Magician of Chaos".

Dedication of Light and Darkness does not Summon the Ritual. It summons this:



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1 hour ago, GodlyUsername said:

thx mr melon

although it would make sense to summon the rital in my opinion

Unfortunately, yugioh is deceptively specific about the rulings, so you have to accept it. The only way Dedication to also summon ritual MoC is if Dedication wording is [Special Summon "Magician of Chaos" Monster] which obviously not. Its specifically said to summon DMoC

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Well the deck seems like a pretty random mashup if older cards. Overall you should probably remove the Ritual cards, as you will probably never be able to Summon them, because even if you draw the exact 2 cards out of 57, you would still need enough tributes. Also consider lowering the amount of main deck cards by removing the cards you usually don't like to draw, so you draw your better cards more consistently. 

If you like the playstyle of just Normal Summoning, attacking and Tribute Summoning, you can improve the deck by adding more Level 4 or lower monsters with big ATK amounts and probably some generic removal Spells and Traps like Dark Hole or Mystical Space Typhoon. 

If you are more interested in pulling off small conbos and using interactions of certain cards, or want to move ahead to play a slighty better and more consistent deck, I'd recommend to buy a Structure Deck. That will give you a 40 card deck made of cards that play around a specific theme and wield a fair amount of interactions. For example the relatively new Structure Deck - Shaddoll Showdown can be obtained for under 10€ and contains a complete Shaddoll Engine. It is very fun to play and can even be upgraded to become competitively viable with just a few cards. Structure Decks are a great way to get into the game without spending much time on learning the basics and building decks. 

If you want to learn more about deck-building or live help from experienced players, I'd also recommend the Project Ignis Discord Server. 



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