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Dark World Desecration [WRITTEN]

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Dark World Desecration
Counter Trap
While you control "Dark World Grimoire", you can activate this card from your hand.  When a monster would be Summoned, OR a Spell/Trap Card is activated while you control a "Dark World" card: Negate the Summon or activation, then discard 1 card.  During your End Phase, if you control "Dark World Grimoire": You can banish this card from your GY; draw cards equal to the number of cards you discarded this turn.  You can only use this effect of "Dark World Desecration" once per turn.


I am planning on making an archetype based around the gimmick of discarding cards because of hand size limit, but I am having some trouble figuring out how to balance it, so I decided to make this card in the meantime.  It's a support card for Dark Worlds as a whole and support for a never used card in the Dark World archetype in particular.

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Hmm I see what you're trying to do here with pushing Dark World Grimoire, which, to be honest, is an absolutely useless card rn, but in my opinion this Counter Trap is way to weak to do so. The PSCT seems perfect to me.
Being able to activate from the hand would usually be super useful during turn 1, while going second, but since you need to control a specific card to do so, this condition doesn't really improve the card at all (I mean you could just set this instead of playing Grim and need less ressources), apart from saving you from some handtraps while you have everything set up. The second effect seems alot stronger, regarding the fact you'd be discarding about 10 cards when playing Dark World/Danger!, but even here after discarding alot cards due to the hand limit you could only Special Summon 1 of those cards with the effect of Grimoire and since you don't really play any handtraps in Dark World Deck as far as I know, it doesn't help you to much - no doubt a possible +6 is completely busted anyway and shouldn't be in the game if any deck can cheat this effect out somehow (I'm looking at you Mathmech Alembertian).

For the actual effect on activation, let's take a look at the other official Dark World cards and compare this card to Dark World Brainwashing.


When an opponent's monster activates its effect, if you have 3 or more cards in your hand (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 "Dark World" monster on the field; return it to the hand, and if you do, the activated effect becomes "Discard 1 random card from your opponent's hand".

I know it's a little bit like comparing Dolkka to Laggia because the cards negate completely different things, but looking at the current state of the game, monsters are pretty much all we ever care about, aren't they?
The only upside Desecration really has is the Spell Speed being 3 I think - maybe also that you can choose the card you want to discard. Things that speak for Brainwashing are firstly that it is continuous and can theoretically be used multiple times, aswell as allowing you to recycle your Grapha by adding it back to the hand and discarding it later. Secondly it doesn't actually negate the opponent's effect but instead turns it into a discard, which is huge for any DW monster, as the effects if discarded by opponent's effects are busted on almost all of them. For example Grapha can steal a card from your opponent's hand, aswell as destroying 1 of his cards, which basically is a +3 in card advantage (that could even outscale the GY effect of Desecration). Also don't forget, that Brainwashing HAS NO OPT. Whenever DW gets a boss monster that can either protect itself or generate card advantage by drawing or negating cards, I 'd place a bet on this card's chances to meet the banhammer.

Anyhow I can definetely see Desecration being played, even tho Grimoire being such a bad card and I like the idea of taking something like Grimoire and making something around it, but it will be extremely difficult to balance an effect like this, which can potentially let you draw your whole deck during the End Phase - btw what's up Super Rejuvenation? Any thoughts on the current banlist?


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Thanks! I thought ya might find this one interesting.

I figured it wouldn't be the type of card that would fit into the current mould of the deck, but would instead form a deck around it because of that Spellbook of Judgment-esque GY effect. While a conventional DW deck would be able to get a +6 off that draw effect, if you're running this, then you're likely running more handtraps naturally (as well as more copies of this and Grimoire itself) so you probably won't be able to combo off as much (for practical purposes, maybe a +2?).

For clarification: I pretty much designed the card to be relatively "self-contained" (outside of the reliance on Grimoire). The second effect is meant to make the first effect live since you won't have the opportunity to set it after drawing it; I never actually intended it as a going-second card despite the "activate from hand" condition.

Anyways, thanks for the look-through!

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