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Firewall Cyberse Dragon @Ignister [Written]

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Firewall Cyberse Dragon @Ignister
Link: L, DL, U, D, DR, R
2+ Cyberse Link Monsters
This cards effects cannot be negated. You can only use the following effects of "Firewall Cyberse Dragon @Ignister" once per turn.
* If this card is Link Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Link 4 or lower Cyberse Link monster from your GY to a zone it points to.
* While this card is co-linked (Quick Effect): Target 1 face-up card your opponent controls; negate the targeted cards effects until the End Phase this turn, also if the targeted card is a monster, that cards ATK and DEF become 0.
ATK/4000 LINK-6

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I gotta be honest with you. This seems heavily like a random standard over-the-top custom card. It pretty much has it all - a Link rating that's over the top, 4000 ATK, a negate, "Spell Speed 4", all that seems to be missing is protection... but wait it can Special Summon a Link monster from GY, so by using Knightmare Cerberus for Link Climbing, or just I:P for it, the card can also be indestructable. Accesscode Talker was easily enough for ultra effective link boss monsters for my taste. I don't know much about Ignister tbh, but I'm pretty sure they are fine with The Arrival and Accesscode. I do like that type of negate tho, since you can negate the opponent's effect as any chain link and you don't need to chain this directly to it. Anyhow I don't think it really matters, since your opponent cannot chain to this card's effects anyway. For the PSCT you only got two small errors I think. First would be "until the End Phase this turn" which should be "until the End Phase of this turn" like on older cards or simply "until the End Phase" as on any newer card. Second is the "that cards ATK and DEF become 0" where you missed an apostrophe, but I'd probably just change it to "its ATK and DEF become 0".


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