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Dodgeful Counter Striker

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Dodgeful Counter Striker

Level 4 DARK Pyro effect

This card can not be targeted by your opponent's card effect(s). This card can not be destroyed by your opponent's card effect(s). If this card is changes to Defense Position, destroy this card. Once per turn this card can not be destroyed in battle. All battle damage is treated as effect damage. If would you take damage due to a effect, your opponent takes the damage instead. Once per turn if your opponent targets a monster you control for an attack, you can have that attacking monster attack directly instead. 

0000 ATK / 0000 DEF

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Well... This thing is... something different.

Counting effects:
1. Cannot be targeted
2. Cannot be destroyed by effects
3. Cannot be destroyed by battle (once per turn)
4. Def Position sickness
5. Converting Damage
6. Permanent Barrel Behind The Door
7. Redirect attack

The amount of effects for a Normal Summonable card is just beyond any proportion. Remember the times when decks used like 10 cards to get a boss monster that had some kind of protection and blocked your opponent from dealing any damage to you? This card is basically a free win if you draw it. On a first look it seems even worse than Mystic Mine. Your opponent can play, but nothing they can do will ever win them the duel, as there's literally no out to this card and also this card will win the game for you by dealing damage. The only thing anywhere near meta to beat this would be Droplet, UCT or Borreload Dragon. Add 1 or 2 interruptions to this (like a trap or a herald) and there's nothing to stop it. I guess there are about 5 non-targeting attack position changers in the game, but apart from UCT, which changes the cards to face-down (so it doesn't trigger the self destruction), I'm pretty sure there's nothing that would ever trigger the Defense Position sickness, which is being played. Even if this card were a single without any archetype relation, it'd change the entire meta completely as people would have to side (or even maindeck) cards to out it, like they did against Mystic Mine (which is much easier to out), but since I've seen you post some more "Dodgeful" cards with similar effects, I guess you 're planning to make an entire archetype out of this. Imagine having 15 Dodgeful Counter Striker -ish monsters in your Main Deck, paired with 25 (hand-) traps to deal with anything that could potentially out it. There is no counter play at all. Anyone facing this would have to spend atleast 3 or 4 cards to out it, and if you just Solemn their Tri-Brigade Shuraig The Ominous Omen, they'll have no choice but to scoop it up with near no cards left in their possession, knowing that you can just Normal Summon another one of these beasts in your next turn.

I don't want to say that I completely dislike the concept of this, but it can't be all in one card. There have been fun builds using cards like Amazoness Swords Woman, Amazoness Heriloom and stuff like Link Bumper, or even weird Number 14 combos but those are combos that require some legit setup instead of just Normal Summoning a creepy Dragoon-Number 14-Astral Barrier-Swords Woman-Gravekeeper's Vassal, which can then be supported with a bunch of traps and shit.

My advice would be to split this card up into atleast 3 different ones, so you leave some kind of counterplay and take away that overwhelming consistency of just Normal Summoning any archetype monster to win. Probably try to stick with 2 or 3 effects per card (or even less if the effects are strong) and don't ever give your cards omni protection like Dragoon has (or even better with additional Battle Protection lol). I know it's hard to split your necessary effects up and figure out a way to bring those cards on the field without creating a stupid spam archetype, once you have an idea of how your endboard should function, but I mean that's pretty much what Custom Cards are about, isn't it?


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