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Armament Reincarnation from Yu-Gi-Oh! R


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Hey everyone, this is my first post on here in a while. In the past I have made cards from the anime, but that was pretty unoriginal, but this time I'm actually gonna make a card from the Manga and actually try to add my own touches to it.


"Armament Reincarnation"

Spell Card

Target Equip Spells in your GY up to the mumber of your Empty Main Monster Zones (but not more than your empty S/T Zones). Special Summon 1 "Armament Token" (Warrior/LIGHT/ATK 0/DEF 0) for each card targeted, they cannot be tributed or used as material for a Link Summon.E quip each of those Equip Spells to 1 "Armament Token" (they can each only be equipped with one Equip Spell) Then each "Armament Token" gains 500 ATK for each "Armament Token Special Summoned to your field this way. Destroy them during the End Phase of this turn.


The effect of summoning the tokens and equipping them is supposed to be reminiscent of it's actual manga effect. The 500 ATK boost for each token is to reflect the card Gekko activates when all of the equip spells are on the field. And the destruction and the end of the turn is for balancing purposes.

Please let me know of any changes that could be made (I'm already considering a few myself), and thank you for your time.

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This is actually a pretty realistic attempt though its not the exact effect since the OG spell actually transform those spell into monster like trap monster does. Thats why in the manga Gekkou still have slot for the Power Connection spell. That being said especially for that latter spell its pretty clever that you incorporate it on the card 

I think the design can be improved to be as close as the original, especially since then yugioh has evolve to have enough words and text option for it IMO. To be fair, it will be  a bit experimental. There will be no new terms but we do stitching together some preexisting words

Rough draft:

Target any number of Equip Spell in your GY and note those targets effects and name, Special Summon those targets as Effect Monster ([monster stat])  with the following effect.

-this card always treated as appropriate target for equip spell

also, apply the noted effect of those equip spell on each of summoned monster with the same name as the noted name as if its equipped by it

[The rest of the effect as you please]

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Perhaps that could work, since the way I tried to write it out makes it so that you can only get 4 monsters. I'll consider. Also considering making the Power Connection effect a Banish from GY so that you don't have a potentially empty board after using the card. Something like:

You can Banish this card from your GY, all monsters Summoned by this card's effect gain 500 ATK for each other monster summoned. If you do, destroy those monsters during the End Phase

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