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[Written] Corrupting Manifestation

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Corrupting Manifestation

Quick-Play Spell

Banish 1 face-up card from your opponent's field face-down; Special Summon 1 "Corrupting Virus Token" to the opponents field in Attack Position. (Cyberse-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 2000/DEF 2000) This token cannot be Tributed or be used as a material for an Extra Deck Summon.

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Ah, so this is a bit like a Spell version of a Kaiju, but it also hits backrow.  It's gets through most types of protection (since it is non-targeting, non-destruction removal) and the token that the opponent gets doesn't even have to be removed immediately because it can't be tributed/used as material.  It is technically still a -1 but the sheer utility of it covers that downside very well.

All that said, I think it might be just a little too strong because of how versatile it is.  I think if it was limited to monster OR spell/trap removal, or if it only banished a face-up card, it would probably be more fair.


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17 hours ago, Mr Melon said:

if it only banished a face-up card, it would probably be more fair.

Ah, I forgot that people also place a card on the field face-down every so often. (A little bit of satire here)

Fun fact, the original concept of the card also allow player to banish their opponent's cards in their hand too.

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