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Spirit Avatar jokers hand

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These are some older ones i just never showed them, the main inspiration was of course judgement joker from beyblade rise, but i always thought that a cassino aesthetic would make a great archtype, i know we all hate coin tosses as a gimmick since they usually suck (Arcana force.) But gambling is just one of my favorite hobbies cause of the thrill, Please tell me what you think and if you have anything you would add or change about the cards, And yeah still apart of the spirit avatar archtype since i wanted to make a archtype like the heros where they can work fine on their own but will be able to work together, anyway hope you like em' also please keep in mind im still learning just the right way to make my cards so any pointers or critisism is appreciated!  

Spirit Avatar Judgement Joker.jpg

Resonance - All In!.jpg

Resonance - Jokers flush.jpg

Resonance - jokers lucky coin.jpg

Resonance - Judgement of Luck.jpg

Resonance - Trick Roulette.jpg

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You've definitely got a nice concept here!  I think there's just a couple things in the execution that could use some cleaning up.

Spirit Avatar Joker - You will probably need to make the materials generic ("2 Level 7 monsters"); right now, the summoning condition conflicts with All In because All In can summon things besides Spirit Avatar monsters.  The Xyz might also need an effect that protects it from battle.  Right now, even if you call Joker's effect correctly, it will still be destroyed by battle.

Joker's Flush - There's no need to put "it gains the following effects"; it actually makes it a little confusing because of the last effect (You can send *Spirit Avatar Joker* to the GY as an Xyz Material).

Joker's Lucky Coin - Was this meant to be a continuous spell?  The effect seems to imply it (and it looks like it would work better as a continuous spell), but the card seems to have processed as a Normal Spell.

Judgment of Luck - I'm not 100% sure I understand this effect.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you flip a coin and then for the rest of your turn the rest of the coin tosses will use that result?

Anyways, I think those cards need a bit more clarification if you plan to add more to the archetype.  If you want help with wording, feel free to PM me!




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