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Given how the previous rules were unpinned, I have posted an up-to-date rulebook for Casual Cards. There's not too many changes from the original rules (most are just omitting mentions of previous subsections, spoilers that don't work anymore, and a small addition to etiquette), but they are subject to change.

1. Overall rules apply

This should be self-explanatory; any general site rules such as behavioral standards and so forth will apply in addition to the section specifics listed underneath. You may reference the rulebook as a forum-wide announcement at the top of the section.

If one of us gives you a command (either to fix the main post with appropriate changes, correct the images, card name, etc.), you are expected to comply. Insubordination will be penalized accordingly.

2. Cards you make in this section are (generally) free design.
Even with the design standards off (meaning you can make cards that are technically free-for-all by nature), you are still forbidden from posting any cards that reference the following:

Adult material (i.e. porn, explicit content)

Any pictures used must be no higher than PG-17 or not toeing the line into adult. If you are iffy about a picture being acceptable or not, please take it up with me over PM. 

Explicit language in the card name.

Seriously, don't make a card with the f-bomb or coarse language in its name.

You will be asked to change the name if it is deemed inappropriate; failure to comply will result in warn increases.  

Discrimination against a certain nationality, religion, fandom, sexuality, etc.

This also includes making a card to implicitly flame/harass another user on this site. 

Meme cards are fine, but using them to discriminate against a certain group is not okay.

Breaking this rule will result in severe punishments, ranging from potential loss of posting privileges up to temporary/permanent ban. The first one will ALWAYS be penalized with a permaban, so don't post adult content. These are already covered in the general rules. 
3. All threads are subject to commenting.

By posting your cards in the section, you are permitting other users to comment on them as necessary. This also includes giving "critique" (or things that you should fix with your cards).
Even if you do not agree with the comments people give, you are expected to respect them and be grateful that they took the time to look at your work. Either thank them in the thread, or just like their post. Please remember that members are under no obligation to actually look at your threads, so...be grateful. 
4. Posting standards
While there is no Advanced Clause that prescribes posting standards in this section, any replies must be relevant to the card(s) in question and not random posts that are irrelevant. Even saying "good job 10/10" is fine. Memes and reaction posts are okay IF/ONLY IF they are relevant to the card itself; don't post them for the hell of it. 
I cannot forbid the use of Advanced-level critique in this section, however you must keep this to a minimum. Most of the members who come in here likely do not have a working knowledge of the existing game and/or are just here to post their stuff; not worry about if some meta combo is breaking their stuff or their design is iffy.
You may reference the meta or design, but do not go all the way. 
This goes without saying, but you must be respectful towards other users in the thread (including the staff members if we come in here to break up arguments that arise). Don't act like a jackass or you will be punished severely. 
5. Default formats for CC.
The standard for all of Custom Cards (including here) is the current Master Rule with a TCG hybrid list (current TCG list with relevant OCG additions as necessary). Due to the changes made since VRAINS with regards to the playing field and other mechanics (and to accommodate all users), CC caters to two separate formats.
They are defined as thus.

STANDARD: Current mechanics. Separate Monster Zones for Link and Pendulum Monsters, Pendulum Zones moved to the S/T area, and naturally the presence of Link Monsters.

LEGACY: ARC-V mechanics (Master Rule 3). Defined as no segregated Monster Zones for Pendulum Monsters, Pendulums have their own areas on the side between Monster / Spell & Trap Cards. Cyberse are allowed under this banner if they don't mention things mentioned in MR4.
If you are designing cards for the Legacy format, you NEED to tag your threads (either as a thread tag or noted in the title).

There will be no penalty if you don't tag your thread, however it means that your cards will be graded on how they interact in the current environment (which may differ dramatically from how they'd do in the ARC-V generation). If you wish to have your card graded for both formats, make sure you mention this in the main post.

6. Do not post your cards in another user's thread.

If you want your cards to be seen, make your own thread for it. Please do not post them in another user's thread.

The exception to this is if you are in a collaboration project. Make sure that we know who's involved with the project so we don't accidentally warn you. If you wish to collaborate with another user, contact them via PM or elsewhere (do not ask them in the thread, nor should you badger them repeatedly).

You may post an existing card for comparative purposes, but only if you comment properly.

7. Cards and reviews are to be posted in ENGLISH.

As YCM is an English-speaking forum, all members are required to write in English. Do NOT assume that members know your native language or are fluent in it otherwise.

Posting your cards in your native language is fine, but you must provide an adequate English translation for other members. The same rule applies for reviewers who are sufficient in the user's language, and wish to respond. Posting a translation from Google Translate or another translation site will suffice most of the time. Otherwise, try your best to write English and we'll help you correct the card grammar and other spelling/grammatical mistakes if needed.

8. Card posting etiquette.

All members who post their cards as pictures will be required to post their card's information beneath their cards, regardless if they can read off the image or not. We have members who access this site off of a mobile device / a small screen and/or have visual problems that prevent them from reading directly off the card, or cannot view the images due to Imgur/whatever image host being blocked in certain countries or institutions.
Do not assume that members will be able to read off the pictures without difficulty.
Additionally, if images don't work on YCM, the written cards will give us something to grade. There is a template in the FAQ thread that you can use.
If you use TCGEditor to create your cards, please resize them to 50-60% and/or either use the "Quote" button or keep them in spoiler tags.

If your post has 10 or more cards, then you need to either spoiler tag them or use the "Quote" button so they don’t lag the page.

If you're going to make a card, fill in each of the fields, with the exception of art (art for a generated card is preferable, but not enforced). No matter how fair or overpowered your card is, you need to do the bare minimum and have the stats, Summoning condition, and/or effects in the middle filled out. Any without these fields are unacceptable as they're not finished.

9. All cards related to a custom Archetype or that rely on each other must be in the same thread.

You must keep ALL cards linked to a custom Archetype / cards that rely on each other in one thread in the opening post, or link to them if you have posted some members earlier on this forum. Ideally, you should post all of them at once, or just release whatever you have at the time and add on as you go.

If you need to use subsequent posts due to space/formatting concerns, then link to them as you do and note that in the original post. However, I do not foresee this to occur, unless you make an extremely large set or are doing a group collaboration.
If other cases arise, such as overflow or thread glitching, you may split things into multiple threads while linking to them. Talk it over with me before you do this. 

10. The following threads will be locked on sight.

-Cardless threads

-Cards copy/pasted without changes

-Cards not of the thread creator.

Threads where the discussion has derailed for various reasons.

1. If you do not have at least 1 card for us to look at and grade, then thread gets locked, or even removed. This is also the reason why you need to have the written info beneath; if the picture goes away, then we at least have the written data to work from. This also includes threads that simply say "post your cards here".
2. Refer to the FAQ thread in terms of what you are permitted to post here. You are allowed to remake any existing card from the actual game or from anime/manga only, however you must make noticeable changes to it. Blatantly copy/pasting without any changes will result in a thread lock.
3. Posting other member’s cards that you did not make will result in a thread lock (and a warning for ripping), unless under extreme circumstances, which can be worked out with a moderator. Such circumstances may include posting cards for another person who is currently ineligible for their own account or cannot post them at the present time.
Bring up your situation to me via PM and we'll sort it out. 
Collaboration cards may be posted by any member in the project, provided we know who is involved. We do not need to know who made each card.

4. Do not act like a little kid and bash users for giving you critique, and not a simple "good job" or something. If I catch you being disrespectful to other users who gave you appropriate comments, thread gets locked and you will be punished. 
Same goes if the thread starts devolving into pointless discussions and off-topic tangents.

11. Bumping


Thread creators are allowed to bump their thread if 6 or more hours have elapsed since the last post (given the section's activity). If you’re off by 10-15 minutes, I will let it slide; otherwise, you will be penalized for early bumping. Just be patient and wait for the time to come around.

Ideally, you should only bump the thread if/only if you have made some form of update since your last post.


There are two conditions for determining if a thread is dead or not; depending if the member in question is the one who created the thread in the first place or not.

Condition 1 (Normal): If a thread has no replies for 30 or more days, it is considered to be dead and SHOULD NOT be posted in.

Threads posted in after this period will be considered as necrobumped and will be locked on-sight; either with a verbal note or none at all.

Condition 2 (Thread creator): If bumping your own thread, you are allowed to do it up to 90 days from the last post date, however you are REQUIRED to have updated the thread somewhat (either you added some cards, fixed up effects and so forth); otherwise, condition 1 applies.

You will need to mention what changes you have made.
Exceptions can be made due to a user's circumstances at the time when the bump period expires (i.e. power outage, on a trip, lack of internet, etc). Just let me know about these cases, and the standard period can be waived or extension granted.

This refers to the act of posting multiple times in a row within the same thread. If you must announce multiple updates within the 8 hour period, just edit your last post or make the changes and do not update that.

The same applies for responding to multiple people; use the Multi-Quote button if you need to do this. Either that, or just wait patiently. (See STANDARD)

12. Using the Report Button

If you spot any rule breaks in this section, either use the Report button at the bottom left of posts and/or PM me about the issue; either method works. Don't post in the thread to tell the user they broke a rule; otherwise it will be considered as spamming/mini-moderating and warned accordingly.
If you are unsure about whether a thread/post should be reported, do so anyway. You won't be penalized for misreporting a thread/post that is actually fine. I can't be here 24/7, so you being an extra set of eyes is always appreciated. 
Warning System
General spamming
Self-explanatory; shitposting, general spam, etc.
1st offense: Verbal warning.
2nd offense: 2-3 WP
3rd offense: 4-5 WP

Content ripping, copy/paste from Wikia without changes.
1st offense: Verbal warning / topic lock
2nd offense: 2 WP
3rd offense: 4 WP
4th/subsequent: 6-7 WP
Ripping off another member's work will get the higher values, in line with Showcase ripping policies. Like in academics, plagiarized content will be taken seriously.

Early bumping / multiple posting (more than 1 post in a row within time period) *, necrobumping
1st offense: Verbal warning (likely PM, but in-thread reprimands are also option)
2nd offense: 1 WP
3rd offense: 2 WP
In terms of multiple posting (marked with asterisk), I will excuse it if YCM is being shitty with the editor or you need to reserve multiple posts for a large set (which I do not advise except for group projects). It is your responsibility to let me know of your circumstance.
This section is minor compared to the others (and I hope I don't have to warn you more than 3 times).

Member misconduct
Boils down to being antagonistic towards other members (including staff) and engaging in flaming/trolling/harassment of other users.
1st offense: 4 WP
2nd offense: 7 WP (results in 3 day lock of post/status privileges)
3rd and subsequent offenses: 7 day ban; also possible section ban from Custom Cards for a given period of time.
Offenses in this category will have their warnings expire no earlier than 2 weeks, given their nature. General insubordination (i.e. backtalk) shall be penalized 2 WP for each infraction (which expires in 1 week) and will increase in severity each time.

Inappropriate content
Adult content: Permanent / IP ban.
Borderline content: Verbal warning to modify the image or find an alternative. Continuing to use inappropriate images after being told not to will result in WP; depending on level of sexuality / graphic-ness.
Offensive names: Depends on severity, but will range from verbal warning to change the name up to temporary ban for racial/discriminatory names. This shall be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Card information under image
At a bare minimum, you must post the card's effects underneath the card. Never expect that members are capable of reading directly off the picture if you use one.
1st warning: Verbal 24-hour fix warning to add content.
2nd warning: 2 WP
3rd warning: 4 WP
4th/subsequent: 7 WP (which still triggers the post lock)
In cases where the text is still readable, this will usually result in 1 verbal warning to fix it within 24 hours. After that, it'll result in up to 2 WP per offense; depending on how things work out. 
Within this particular section, I shouldn't need to enforce this one much, if at all, but please be considerate to other members if they can't see/read your card with the same ease as you can. You don't need and effect underneath for Normal Monsters. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please ask in the FAQ thread or PM me directly.


If you are at all curious about the original rules, the link is right here:


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