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Spirit Avatar Dous Eclips set

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These are some other older cards i made, I wasnt sure what my main goal with these was but i wanted to post them

to see what others would think of them or if they had ideas to add or change about them

I am not sure if i will ever return to these cards in the future but i was still wondering what you guys would think of them

Also i know that eclyps is not how its spelled i just kinda lowed how my friend always said it like that lol.

anyway if you have an idea or a pointer on where this archtype could go i would be happy to hear it and maybe i'll come back to it in the future

Spirit Avatar Duos Eclyps.jpg

Spirit Avatar Dusk Artemis.jpg

Spirit Avatar Dawn Apollos.jpg

Resonance - Eclips Fusion.jpg

Resonance - From Dusk.jpg

Resonance - Untill the Dawn.jpg

Resonance - Dous Calling.jpg

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@Bey_Maker997 Friendly reminder (and this is not the first time I ask you to do this, as it is a site's official rule) that you have to write the card's effect below each card. Long effects causes the person trying to read it to strain their eyes, specially in certain devices.

Dous Eclyps - You should add bullets for the Attack and Defense effects, that's how that kind of effects are listed. For the Attack effect, you'd need to mention that the Set Spell/Traps are being revealed, otherwise you're not checking them to see if they have the same name as the first card banished. Probably the same goes for the monsters in the hand. I honestly don't like the brutal stats. The card is very easy to Summon, and 4200/4200 is insane, I'd say 3200 or so is plenty enough. Add to this that you're granting it absolute immunities to monster and Spell/Trap Effects by means of the Fusion Spell or the Resonances, which means it's very likely the opponent will have to take it down by attacks, and if it has 4200, lol, well, it just becomes unfair. There are many Finally, this is just my guess, but maybe you want the card to change from Position to Position every turn, but as it is, you can actually use the same effect every turn. If it is Special Summoned in Attack Position, it changes to Def at the End Phase, but nothing prevents you from changing it manually to Atk in your Main Phase and so on. If your intention is to have ATK-DEF-ATK- etc.:
"This card cannot change Battle Position, except by its own effect."

Artemis/Apollo - A great concern in the fact they don't have HOPT. Fortunately, they don't Summon from the Deck. But yeah, like I was saying earlier, they're nasty easy to summon and bring the boss mob, so these guys can probably go untouched, but the boss needs to be toned down in the stats at least.

Eclips Fusion -  Note that you said at the start you were aware Eclyps is not the right spelling, yet we have Eclyps in the Fusion Monster and Eclips in the Fusion Spell, lol. You got to be careful with these extreme immunities. Unaffected covers most stuff, so you shouldn't use that often specially for OP monsters (and both vs Mobs and Spell/Traps. At least, beyond attacks, boss can be Tributed or used as material by certain effects.

From Dusk/Until Down - Until with single "L" xD. These Continuous Spells are weird, as they don't specify how many times per turn they can target the Spellcaster. Unless your intention is to be infinite targeting, add the Once per turn. Also, it's different to say Once per turn to "You can only use this effect of X once per turn", and imo you should use the latter for these cards.

Dous Calling - See why I was telling you the boss is too easy to Summon? This card is pretty sick, specially by a guess of mine: You forgot to specify where from is the Spellcaster being summoned, but I imagine it's from the Deck. On top of that, you banish the card and bring the Fusion. Ok, it's pretty nasty, so at least make it so both effects cannot be used in the same turn.
You can only use 1 "Resonance - Dous Calling" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

See ya around!  n.n

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