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Great Neck-Tar Tree [written]

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Great Neck-Tar Tree

[Quick-play Spell]

If you control no Special Summoned monsters, except "raffe" monsters, take up to 2 "raffe" monsters with different names, that are in your Deck, GY, banished, and/or Extra Deck (face-up), and Special Summon them and/or place them in your Pendulum Scale (appropriately). If those cards leave the field and you control no more "raffe" monsters, you can banish this card from your GY: return that "raffe" card(s) to your side of the field. You can only use each effect of "Great Neck-Tar Tree" once per turn.

- - - - - 

Notes: Yes this is more giraffe support I felt like doing, but it doesn't outright say the full word because the giraffe that belongs to Performapals is not properly named as such, and from what I see, that and the Watt one are the only giraffes in the game. There is room for a theme xD

Any thoughts or fixes/suggestions ect welcomed.

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  • Sleepy changed the title to Great Neck-Tar Tree [written]
On 3/8/2021 at 2:21 PM, Sleepy said:

Any thoughts or fixes/suggestions ect welcomed.

Mmm... this makes me thing there's room for making a Neck-roworld Giraffe with a "This card is always treated as a "Necroworld" card" and mounted by Necroworld Banshee xD. Or perhaps "Giraffe of the Neck-rovalley"? Ancient Gearaffe Golem? Dark Magician Gira -- shot

Anywho, yeah, the card is greatly limited by the lack of options. I can't see how to help with the card becoming more relevant, but perhaps just a tiny detail: Maybe you could include the field as one of the places from where you can take the giraffes and move, either by SSing them or place them on the Pendulum Zone. Yep, essentially this is about bringing other copies to the field, thinning your Deck, or reviving/Summoning from hand, I'm also aware that Special Summoning something already on the field sounds weird, maybe with a Gemini feeling of sorts, but it could be handy, particularly for Changeraffe, of course, as you could return it to the Pendulum Zone if that's what you need, or "re-Special Summon" it and apply its Fiendish Cahin-ish effect on another target.

P.D. I'm thinking of making a "Giraffe Sage of the Ice Barrier" or something. If Wattgiraffe can stun, Icegiraffe will freeze xD

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