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Need help for Setting up a Template for a PSP Tag Force HD MOD

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Hello fellow graphic specialtists.

Im currently working on a Yu Gi Oh Tag Force 5 Graphics mod and im having struggles to implement the texture   you see in the files right here.

if someone could help me i would be super glad.



Unedited layout that needs to be rebuilt




modded layout by myself yet (pic is a little bit buggy but i can fix that by myself)






RESULT INGAME :   Here you can see the error on the Card Name i just dont know how to fix that i think it might has something to do with mip maps or so ? i just cant figure out how the dimensions are seperated by the game.








Have a Beautiful Day Guys !

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I'm no expert at this kind of thing, but lemme give it a try

Looks like that the bottom-right corner on the original image (where the trap attribute symbol is) contains the top-right corner of the card (the end of the card name box + a little bit of the template), yours seems to be extending the name box

Give it a look here: https://imgur.com/NTpUDOg (made under a minute with paint online, I'm sorry XD)

The part of the name box that is under the image seems to contain part of the actual card name (you can even see a little bit of the bottom of the trap attribute there) instead of the top part. Other than that, I think it's about figuring out the right dimensions and stuff.



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