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Okay, so right off the bat, the wording for these cards is poor, but I will give suggestions on how to fix that up if you want.


Sol: Okay. It's okay. Easy to pull off with stuff like Reinforcement of the Army. That last effect is meaningless though. You can basically just get rid of the "until the End Phase" bit.

Sun: Good coupled with Sol.

Metal: What is the point of this card? It doesn't have stellar stats, and doesn't relate to the other cards in any shape or form.

Supernova: I think with this card, you should either Tribute it or inflict more damage. Because as it stands, if you want to return a Dragon you return to the hand for removal, there's already a better option. A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon. Sure, it goes for Spell/Traps instead of a monster. But it's more bang for your buck than this card.

Extra Fusion: Busted, considering what it Summons, and despite having a once per Duel clause. I'd personally suggest the once per Duel effect as an alternative, while it Fusion Summons like normal by sending or banishing the materials from your field or GY.

Dovon: Too easy to bring out to warrant that effect (the easy Extra Deck Summon). Either tone down Dovon's effect, or restrict Extra Fusion's effect.

Solar: It's okay. Nothing special, but I do like the intention on hindering GY plays. No complaints.

Lunar: Pointless to bring out, given the myriad of removal options. It only has protection against battle. And the negation effect isn't worth investing in a Level 6 Synchro monster.

Moon Angel: A more generic, but less impressive version of Sunny Pixie. There's just no reason to play this card. If it had a self-Summon effect or a better reward for using as a Synchro material, it might warrant playing.

Full Moon: A meager stat boost that's not worth using at all. I think 


Well, that's about all of them. Overall...I don't know what direction you have for these cards. Because most of these would never see competitive use, the two that would are very broken, and most of them don't mesh with each other. Also...where's Moon and Milky Way Dragon? They're listed on the Fusion monster, but are present nowhere.


Also, this...is not an archetype. It's a set. The only card with "Solar" in its name is Solar Dragon.

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