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"Heralder From The" archetype; not to be confused with those cards that tribute themselves to negate things.

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(not finished)

Heralder From The Flames

lv 3 FIRE
once during your turn: you can pay 500 life points & send a card from your deck to the graveyard to make your opponent send one from their deck to the graveyard. if you have a level 7 monster in your hand, you can tribute this card to special summon it.
ATK/1800 DEF/600

Heralder From The Frost

lv 7 WATER
any battle damage either player takes from battles involving this card is doubled. once per turn, during the battle phase; you can discard 2 cards from your hand; if this card battles a defense position monster with defense less than this monsters attack, inflict the difference to your opponent as effect damage. if this card would be attacked while in defense position, you take damage equal to the difference. up to twice per battle phase, if this card is involved in a battle, you can remove 2 cards from you graveyard to negate it.
ATK/2500 DEF/1000

Heralder From The Seas

lv 7 WATER
Whenever a card is sent to the graveyard or banished pile, this card gains 500 ATK. When this card is tribute summoned, you can send up to 4 cards from your side of the field to the graveyard, then apply one of the following effects:
*For every 2 cards sent to the graveyard, destroy a card on the field
*For every 2 cards sent to the graveyard, excavate a card. Then, you can choose whether to add each card to your hand, or send it to the graveyard
ATK/0 DEF/2700

Heralder From The Earth

lv 7 EARTH
You can special summon this card by shuffling all cards in either graveyard or banished pile. Then, you can apply one of the following effects:
*When this card destroys a monster, select a card in your graveyard. If it is a monster card, inflict damage equal to it's level *300. If it is a spell or trap card, shuffle it into your deck.
*When this card destroys a monster, select a card in your banished pile. If it is a monster card, inflict damage equal to it's level *300. If it is a spell or trap card, shuffle it into your deck.
ATK/2700 DEF/2200

Heralder From The Twisters

lv 7 WIND
If this card is flipped face-up, this card gains 600 ATK, and if it was attacked when it was flipped face-up, it cannot be destroyed by card effects. Once per turn, during your standby phase, you can pay 500 life points to have both players add a card from their graveyard to their hand, then banish a card from the graveyard.
ATK/1000 DEF/1900

Heralder From The Light

lv 1 LIGHT
every standby phase this card is in attack position, increase its atk by 300 and level by one. If this card is in a battle, you can send 3 cards from your deck to the graveyard to halve the battle damage you would have taken and, if this card would have been destroyed, prevent it from being destroyed. You can banish this card from your hand to add one "Heralder Of Void" from your deck to your hand.
ATK/900 DEF/100

Heralder From The Void

lv 1 DARK
Every standby phase this card is in defense position, you place a card from your hand into your opponents hand. this card cannot be destroyed by battle. Any battle damage you take involving this card is treated as effect damage. once per turn, you can send any number of monsters from your hand to the bottom of your deck; the level of this card becomes equal to the number of monsters sent to the deck. you can banish this card from your hand to add one "Heralder Of Shine" from your deck to your hand.
ATK/100 DEF/900

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ironically unless you expert in moon rune a.k.a Japanese, yugioh naming convention is quite specific so if your "herald" has the same pronunciation as the fairy "herald" in japanese then it still treated as the same archetype/series despite the typing differences (double the irony if the "herald" using "Herald of Creation" based). fortunately the Fairy "Herald" actually don't have name specific effect (yet) so they cant interact with your cards

welp there's quite a lot of wording problem, the most apparent one is some of the symmetrical effect that unnecessarily separated into 2 effect. but in general is quite understandable

Flames: its symmetrical foolish. but it being fair is kinda questionable since this card don't have HOPT. the summon effect a bit too strong, as it can summon anything with that level rather than archetype of even more specific monster at least

(fixes) Pay 500 LP: Both player sent 1 card from their Deck to GY. You can Tribute this card: Special Summon 1 Level 7 Fiend monster from your hand. You can only use each effect of "Heralder of Flames" once per turn

Frost: kinda ironic that water ones is actually the aggressive one. symmetrical big damage and piercing that can get dangerous to both player quite fast well lucky for you it have battle protection of its own

Seas: it has a permanent stat buff with the easiest trigger to the point arguably the base 0 atk is not really matter. also it combo with its other effect for atleast 2000-4000 buff. kinda dont like how it enable itself this good. also on top of that is up to 2 pop and 2 draws. yeah its pretty dangerous and might need a bit adjustment

earth: so the summon is happen to be a disruptive version of Exodius. no, thats OP actually. the rest of the effect kinda fine...i guess

twister: kinda weird but none of its effect is alarming strong like some of the previous ones

light: basically slightly tanky "Fortune Lady" with tanky being loose description as you still take huge damage in early turns due to how slow this card at gaining its stat. well i guess you better of using this to search void anyway

void: giving your hand to opponent is pretty weird. weirder level gain, and than lastly it search card you havent post yet. so i have to hold assessment  on this


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