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Post and I'll give you a waifu

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6 hours ago, Rayfield Lumina said:

lol, cute choice. Only in japan they can draw nuns like this xD.


You didn't like it?

Alright. I'll try harder this time.

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck


4 hours ago, ITSUKOSOADO said:

Iris is from black clover one I actually know!

Sailor Mercury


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4 hours ago, The Nyx Avatar said:

You didn't like it?

On contrary. I just said that only in anime style they draw the nuns in such a cute+sexy outfits.

Neliel is ok, but not my Bleach top, which is the classic Orihime. I also liked that serious glasses girl that was with the Vizard team and one of the sternritters:


She was pretty bland and useless, sadly, they didn't even show how she died, but it was Ywach doing his stuff xD.


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59 minutes ago, The Nyx Avatar said:


Makise Kurisu


Seems a bit harsh to trap this one inside a card 😳

May I ask what she did to deserve such a fate?

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