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[DAMA] Pendulum Treasure

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Its kind of Lack Luster in 2021 maybe in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 this card would have been good but its kind of mediocre in 2021 Add 1 Pendulum monster from your Deck to your Extra Deck face-up why not say this instead Add 2 Pendulum monsters from your Deck to your Extra Deck face-up instead of a crappy 1 number but yeah Pendulum Treasure should have came out in Duelist Alliance that would have been so much better or when they released Pendulum Paradox in 2017's Extreme Force this card should have been released in Extreme Force WHY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW WHY JUST Tell the Idiotic Konami to make there garbage mediocre Support better or stronger this card should have came before 2018 or earlier in the ARC-V Era I'm not try to so crap about this card but I'm sorry if I'm insulating Konami's mediocre Pendulum Support Man does Konami really hate Pendulums I don't get it Konami!

* I'M not Impressed with this card's Power Level at All Electrumite does what this what this crappy card is trying to do but better.

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Pendulum Treasure is an mediocre card because it doesn't do enough to truly help pendulum decks. Electrumite is so much of a better card than Pendulum Treasure without using any main deck space. Sure Pendulum Treasure is searchable by Duelist Alliance. However, I rather search out Pendulum Call over Pendulum Treasure with Duelist Alliance. I guess you can use Pendulum Treasure to search out Astrograph Sorcerer and Chronograph Sorcerer. However, there are better cards to use that can search both of them out. Personally, I wouldn't use Pendulum Treasure because it's not worth the main deck space. It would be nice to get some new generic spashable competitive pendulum support instead of this mediocre card. 



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