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Is it moral for one to vote for a candidate whom they don't support? Or to vote for a candidate that they are skeptical of? Or would it be better to withold one's vote? And at what point does voting become a moral obligation?

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i'd say the moral option isn't related to who the voter supports so much as it is about conscience - who the voter thinks is more likely or more able to improve or at least not decline the country, or state, or province or whatever (depending on what office is being run for). on that same note if no major candidates are worth it in such a sense (i would argue that was the case in 2016) i would withhold my vote, or vote for a third alternative, as i would not see redeeming factors in the bigger candidates; a vote for the 'lesser of two evils' is still, in the proverbial sense, a vote for evil

EDIT: conscience also means that if one person is more likely or more able to improve the country, but would be a poor role model, i would say the vote should not go to that person, because the most overlooked (and one of the most important) duties of a leader is to be an example to those who look up to him/her


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