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DAMA-JP048 Grandoremichord Musesea
Link 2 LIGHT Fairy Link Effect Monster
ATK 1900
Links: Bottom Left, Bottom Right

Materials: 2 Pendulum Monsters
You can only use this card name’s 1st and 2nd effects once per turn each.
(1) During your Main Phase: You can add 1 Pendulum Monster from your hand to your Extra Deck face-up, and if you do, add 1 face-up Pendululm Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand, with an odd Pendulum Scale if the first monster had an even Pendulum Scale, or with an even Pendulum Scale if the first monster had an odd Pendulum Scale.
(2) When you Pendulum Summon a “Doremichord” monster(s): You can target 1 of them; add 1 “Doremichord” Pendulum Monster with a Level equal to the targeted monster’s Pendulum Scale from your Deck to your hand.


source: https://ygorganization.com/somemightsayitsground/

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Not as good as Electrumite, but this is still pretty good support for Pendulums.  Alongside the new Pendulum Foolish, I imagine you can manipulate things to get what you need into your hand pretty effectively.

Electrumite is still legal in the OCG, right?

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