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The Ultimate Sorcerer

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2 minutes ago, TheWanderingMist said:

I know you are excited to make cards. But please, for the sake of everyone, post a copy of the effect/flavor text underneath.

Reading it wasn't an issue. The scary part is that there was enough text for the textbox to eat the entire card.

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2 minutes ago, TheWanderingMist said:

Oh, don't think I didn't notice that. But still, good to teach etiquette to the excitable ones.

Agreed. But as per good etiquette. Time to review this monster wall of text.


17 hours ago, manjarola said:


The whole "Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects the turn it is Special Summoned" line isn't really necessary since it can only be Special Summoned during the End Phase of your opponent's turn by its own effect. So this card essentially becomes a megamorphed Dark Magician for you to use a beatstick during your turn.

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