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Custom Archetype: World Heritage and World Denizen

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A control-based archetype that i'm currently working on. Its playstyle revolves around cycling through Field Spells that have powerful lockdown effects, depending on your matchup, while fueling their boss monster with materials so that it can remove threat by shuffling them back into the deck.

All of the archetype Field Spells have 3 effects: 1 when they're activated, 1 when they're on the field, and 1 when they are sent to the GY.  

Basic combo with Season of Departure + 1 random Field Spell in hand:

Activate Season, add Resting. Activate Resting, special summon Dux from deck, using Dux to reveal a Field Spell and add Apex. Activate Apex, send Miliarium, use Miliarium floating effect to send Malleus to GY, then use Season to add back Miliarium from GY to hand. Link Apex and Dux to summon Vagor, using Vagor effect to activate Gelida from deck. Activate Miliarium to ss Malleus, which will trigger Gelida floating effect to add either Awaiting or Set Off to your hand. During your opponent turn, tribute Malleus to ss Caelum, then use Caelum effect to bring back Malleus and Xyz Summon Council to lock your opponent into only ss Xyz Monster from Extra. 

These cards are just for synergy purposes. I'll be working on more Field Spells to imply the control-based nature of this deck.

Criticism and/or suggestion are both highly appreciated. (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Artist credit: 

- All the Denizen cards: ovopack.tumblr.com

- All the Heritage cards minus Season: deviantart.com/jordangrimmer

- Season of Departure: artstation.com/somartist

( If possible, please support the artists by following their social medias. They're all amazing ppl. )














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6 hours ago, Tinkerer said:

I really like the pictures on these~

I especially love the field spells; they really evoke a sense of wonder and a bit of wanderlust.


Indeed. I've always been fascinated by landscape illustrations, that's the reason why i created this archetype in the first place. The Field Spell's effects depict different part of an exploration, from arrival ("When this card is activated..."), explore (On field effect) to departure ("If this card leave the field...") and on to the next heritage, so you could say that they in some ways do evoke a feeling of wanderlust~

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this is really nice.

as mention by others before the art is gorgeous and the presented combo is quite brutal on top of able to dodge nibiru, solid creation overall.

there not much to review other than the cards that not yet showcased or used the effects on:

Dux: the recursion effect is quite nice given is fetch you different field to adapt opponent changes and has nice stat and typing for its level

Malleus: same with dux for spell/trap. appropriately much more costly (banish) since the spell/trap do the much work besides the xyz

Caelum: the destruction effect is really nice for going 2nd. and its non-targeting so it can destroy quite a lot of things

Vagor: a bit question, its the "field as material" meant as total substitution or just replace 1 material? i think you need extra wording to clarify that.

Council: this is a properly scary Xyz. so thank God the rest of the effect actually has "summon sickness" to balance the lockdown effect. that being said the extra ability is really damn good, non-targeting spin removal is virtually the strongest possible removal imaginable and it can refuel itself turn-after-turn.  i think the spin effect need one extra stipulation of not shuffling the same card as the detached material so that its still a 2 cost spin rather than accidental 1 cost.

Resting: the monster switch effect is great since Vagor is rather weak point of the end board of your presented combo even with Set Off 1000 boost. you can switch with Caelum for extra bit of destruction on top of decent body after going first

Set Off: simple gimmick enabler to further add the deck ability to adapt to opponent action. 1000 boost is really nice

Waiting: the deck already has powerful lockdown, 2 kinds of non-target removal so having negation to only activate on such niche and belated condition is nice to have without making the deck too powerful

Seasons: good protection effect, and another layer of field spell shenanigans

Apex: the protection effect is quite good. the last effect is a bit too niche and its window of activation is quite tight  but it does stop quite number of staples

Millarium: the lockdown effect kinda niche but the foolish burial effect should be good for your field spell cycling shenanigan the deck after after

Gelida: niche recursion but it fetch from one of the worst kind of removal possible so its quite good. but damn...that anti-GY effect is brutal IMO as you shutdown the GY shenanigans while also ruined the opponent deck consistancy at once. i personally think it need a bit of balancing but im not sure how

Pruinae: the only card not mention in your combo. and its quite good actually. it negate stuff, double protect seasons, and if somehow this got destoyed you can return favor to their backrow. really solid

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Thank you a lot for the thoughtful review! I really appreciate that.

About Vagor's effect, it can subtitute a Field Spell "you control" for 1 of its material, but since each player only has 1 Field Zone, and Field Spell must go into the Field Zone, i don't really think there are situation that one could possibly control 2 Field Spells at the same time to subtitute for Vagor material completely.

Vagor's effect is like Underworld Goddess of the Closed World (the new link 5), i've checked her wording and fix the line "You can also use 1 monster your opponent controls as material to Link Summon this card" with Vagor alternate Field Spell condition, so i think it should be ok that way.

Although, out of the bunch, he's arguably the most trouble some card, as i've forgotten to put a HOPT on him, and other ppl that i've shown him to have also said that he's too strong of a card, as Ancient Fairy Dragon is still banned, Vagor is easier to summon and can also be use with Masquerina to Mystic Mine your opponent during their turn, so i think he might need a bit of fixing after this.

Overall, once again, thank you so much for the reply. I'll try to fix Vagor effect a bit while also thinking about Gelida's lockdown effect and what could be done about it.

Sorry it took me so long to reply, somehow it keep saying that my ip has spam risk even though i've tried 3 different wifis.

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