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Aquablade Warrior - Destroy All The Things!

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Just a simple Pendulum Normal Monster, powerful but simple, it destroys, and guess what, it destroys some more (based on non-Effect Monsters you control). That's pretty much it, got some stats you can look at, check them stats! Oh and it's a Level 5 Warrior/WATER monster with a Pendulum Scale of 3, so that's something. Check out that lore I had to write, even though I had no idea what to write! Yeah!



Pendulum Effect:

You can target 1 monster in the Extra Monster Zone; destroy that target, and if you do, Special Summon this card from your Pendulum Zone, then you can destroy monsters your opponent controls up to the number of non-Effect Monsters you control. You can only use this effect of "Aquablade Warrior" once per turn.

Standing proud, this warrior holds a blade infused with water from the seven seas, when its time, he strikes down all his enemies.



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