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These card suffer from...ironically, overbalancing. Its too "fair" and too slow.

The first already outclassed by Ra Disciple which faster for roughly the same intention and ra discliple is still bad card 

2nd card is an almost better True Name but the 2 turn wait is way to much penalty for such simple search effect

Irl Egyptian Gods is not that strong so its okay to make these a bit stronger or even granting bonus effect for your gods. While the final effect still require balancing but at least its more viable than as it is

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There was another post about support that was OP with like 3-5 strong effects on each card with minimal limitation sometimes finding a balance can be hard. 

1. Lose the can't attack effect and maybe say "you cannot normal summon for the rest of the turn except DIVINE monsters"

2. Just let the player add the card to their hand not their opponent and no summoning restrictions. You can keep the neither player can attack effect because it is a neat addition.

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