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[Written] MTG version of yugioh's Obelisk

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Obelisk the Tormentor


Legendary Creature - God Soldier


This spell cant be countered

When Obelisk the Tormentor enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless it casted by spending 10 mana

Sacrifice 2 Creatures: Destroy all opponent's creatures. Obelisk the Tormentor cannot attack or block until your next turn.



There quite a lot of things to adapt. One of the hardest is to determine Obelisk Color and to be honest im not that knowledgable at MTG's color personality. Obelisk's thematically battle oriented and having destruction effect with paired cost of saccing which is a very red/black oriented (heck kaiba definitely red/black person or maybe Grixis) but it also thematically a soldier god on an establish pantheon (the fused horakty form is pretty justice theme also) so i add a dash of white to refer to this aspect while simultaniously adapt "require 3 tributes" into "require 3 color to cast" 

The mana cost and the stat actually pretty easy, original obelisk has 4000 atk/def which precisely half of player LP. Based on that the mtg version must be a mana efficient creature with 10/10 stat which is half of mtg starting Life. And of course in a mana based game like mtg the matemathical equation for a 10/10 stat creature is of course 10 which fitting Obelik's level 10 perfectly. The efficienty is further endorsed by doing something that mtg dont do but befitting a god creature like this: having efficient cost/stat ratio on top of still having the full and not so restricted ability

Im pretty much having fun with the ability since mtg is old enough to have so much rich keywords and term that easily help me adapt yugioh wordings almost accurately (heck i thinks yugioh should adapt a bit of mtg wordings)

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