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CLICK HERE TO GET FULL RES. ARTWORK(sta.sh link - 1580 x 2016 dimensions)

If you want to get the artwork in full resolution, follow these steps:
1) Click the "CLICK HERE TO GET FULL RES. ARTWORK" right above these steps. It will take you to a DeviantArt sta.sh page.
2) Click on the "Download PNG 1580 x 2016" button on the right. The full-res. download will begin.


> This is my stylized version of Ray-V-Xyz 's artwork, "Star Shield Magician".  <

I want to give you a huge thank you to Ray for giving me permission to use/edit his wonderful artwork, throw my own spin on it, and share it with you all. 

Credits are not necessary, but very much appreciated (please include Ray-V-Xyz, too, if you do!).
> While Magician of Hope is a collaboration mix between the protagonists' archetypes: Yuma Tsukumo's "Utopias" and Yuya Sakaki's "Magicians", this card is a collaboration mix between Yusei Fudo's "Stardust Dragon" and Yuya Sakaki's "Magicians". 
> Its armor, weapon, wings, and color scheme are based on "Stardust Dragon". Its cloak is based on Yuya's cloak that he wears in the ARC-V manga. 

Konami, Ray-V-Xyz , Google Images
Series 10 Proxy Template Creds: 9558able (on DeviantArt)

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