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[AC01] Yowie

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AC01-JP007 ヨーウィー Yowie

Level 3 EARTH Reptile Effect Monster

ATK 500

DEF 500

You can only use this card name’s effect once per Duel. You can only Special Summon monster(s) once the turn you activate this effect.

(1) If this card is Summoned (and no other cards are Summoned at the same time): You can skip your opponent’s next Draw Phase.



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Ohoho... Time Seal made Reptile, and only once per Duel!

It surely seems handy, but tricky to use. In many case it'll be required that you're fully aware of the game state in order to make use of this critter at the best possible time (evidently leaving aide cases in which it's obvious this card's effect can guarantee a closure of the game if you see your opponent without hand and counter-able field/GY.) It's Only 1 Special Summon clause shouldn't be too problematic when you find the moment to use it. Having said that, I'm not knowledgeable of Reptile support to know if this guy could be easily Summoned... also I won't deny at times this card could end up pretty dead in the hand.

As a side note, this card made me a bit nostalgic. Many years ago I had a friend who used to run a control Deck. He was probably the best player in high-school. His deck was average in power (not too many expensive cards and stuff), but he knew better than anyone how and when to use his resources. He somehow managed to screw you all the time with Time-Seals and Drop Offs xD. I'm thinking that he'd be able to identify the perfect moment to use this little critter a lot of the time 😅

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I can't check to confirm right now but it looks like something that big 5 that dueled Yugi would use. If that's the case then maybe they'll also finally print ashingray xD

The card itself is following a pattern. A while ago we got a gray lizard whose name escapes me but had the same guidelines. AKA "When Summoned" is as easy as it can get, but once per duel dooms this to be a tech anywhere it winds up at. The other card said "draw 1 card", this one is a 1 time Yata.


I guess this can do it going first although it is not like Raiza, Fenrir, Mystic LV6, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and such don't already kind of do that.

I think it is balanced, and that means its impact is not gonna be huge, unless Duel Links makes it top xD

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