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Red Eyes support

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I want more from each of these

Flame- draw 1 for each card equipped when tributed for its own effect

Universe- quickplay and GY effect to do the same thing

Warrior- either can't be destroyed by battle or summons a red eyes from GY when attacked 

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Simple, but ok; not bad but can use some improvement.

Flame Dragon: I think you meant "Flame Swordsman", Joey's classic fusion monster as material. I think at this point though it could be a "Flame Swordsman" monster; given we have a "Blue Flame Swordsman" card; a much better card. Otherwise it's really similar to Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. I'd also increase its ability to equip a dragon from the hand as well as the field.

Universe: Again like @ITSUKOSOADO said, quick play. Although I'd make it banish to return a "Red-Eyes" monster from the GY to the hand (or maybe the field).

Warrior: Hey if we wanna do some synergy with these cards, maybe make this "Red-Eyes Flame Swordsman". They did the same for Gearfried and Summon Skull. If you wanna go the protection route give it a Once per turn, can't be destroyed by battle while you control another Red-Eyes monster.


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As a "Red-Eyes" user, I like the your ideas for this archetype. The only thing is that you have some wording mistakes to fix. Also there are already cards that have the same effects as these cards you shown, like "Red-Eyes Slash Dragon" and "Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight". So some improvement would be needed. But overrall, I kinda understand your intention from these cards you made. I also did some "Red-Eyes" support cards, you can go check them out if you want, it could probably help you out a bit I don't know.

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