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Harpies attack would probably see play, but one turn attack boost cards are inherently not very useful

and harpies copy cats is indeed an improved hysteric party which had the limitations it had for good reason.

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"Harpie's Copycats" sounds like an insult to the other Harpie monsters. They are more of a species than a bunch of "Harpie Lady wannabes" you know? xD
I have to agree that it is pretty broken though. Hysteric Party had a bunch of drawbacks:
-Trap Card means it is needs to be set
-Discard cost
-Continuous icon means your opponent can destroy it with a quick effect and that would stop it from doing its thing.
-Even if you get to use it and revive a bunch of monsters, the card takes them away if something makes Hysteric Party leave the field in any way.
-It only revives cards named "Harpie Lady", which excludes the Dragons. 

Your card has none of the above, and also you can use multiple copies of your card per turn, with no restrictions of any sort. I can see getting out 3 Lightning Chidoris from a single activation, getting rid of like 6 cards from the opponent's field, then using the Chidoris for a Link to free up space for a second Harpie's Copycat, reviving 2 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon (potentially destroying 2 more cards) and 3 Harpie Lady 1 copies. In case "Harpie's Hunting Ground did not clean up what was left there. You'd have two 3300 ATK dragons, three 2400 ATK harpie ladies, and a Link 3... presumably the Desperate Doom Eagle at 3500 ATK..... All in all, your total is 17300 damage after destroying the opponent's field.

All from 2 copies of your card, which I forgot to mention, Hysteric Party not being a Harpie card, is not searchable, but your card is xD
I see your card also can Summon from the hand there.... yet more flexible...

- - - - -

Now, I understand it's been 14 years since Hysteric Party came out, so a little bit of upgrade would be fine, but not ALL the upgrade haha.....
My suggestion is:

-Have the card get a hard "once per turn" clause.
-Make it so that you HAVE to Summon at least 1 Harpie from your hand this way.
-Make it so that you can only use this if you control only Harpie monsters (at least 1, no "dropping on an empty field to max out on it")
-Make it so that you can only Summon Harpie monsters for the rest of the turn.

I'm actually all in for the idea of the Dragons being viable targets to be honest, I like that part and would run "Dragon's Shrine" and "Dragon's Ravine" in harpies for something like that xD

The card goes from: "easy +5 revives multiple times per turn to use on whatever" To: "only 1 shot per turn, have to already control 1 and still 1 Summon comes from my hand, so it can only revive up to 3 harpies"

I still think it is better than Hysteric Party, being searchable and immediately usable the moment it gets into your hand, and being usable on the dragons.... so it should be fine right? All in all it'd look like this:

Harpie's Copycats
[Quick-Play Spell]
If all monsters you control are "Harpie" monsters (min 1): You can Special Summon 1 "Harpie" monster from your hand, and any number of "Harpie" monsters from your GY. You cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of the turn, except "Harpie" monsters. You can only activate 1 "Harpie's Copycats" per turn.

What do you think?


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