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Online dating


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Do you like online dating? Share your experience!

I'd start my works experience was: We decided to meet for dinner at 7. he was an hour and 45 minutes late. His reason? He was at the gym doing leg day in the single squat rack in the gym, a personal trainer asked him to move so his client could work in, he refused and stood his ground in the squat rack, after 30 minutes of arguing gym management called the police to arbitrate the situation. And after all that he still had to finish his squats because priorities.

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There has only been really one person I actually cared about to date online, and even then I don't want to date her. I think we tried it once and just let it go. But our friendship is something phenomenal; I wouldn't want to lose that either way. Plus, it is really fun to tease her about it, since it will never really be a thing.

If this isn't clear, Hina is the only person I ever settled on in a romantic way, and it kinda fizzles at that point; But our friendship is something that means a lot to me, that I wouldn't want to lose.

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Online dating is cool (when you're aware that you're dating said person) but be careful who you talk to.

This happened when I was 15 and it was around Thanksgiving. I started talking to this girl and she seemed pretty cool at first. About a week later, I found out from her bff that I was her boyfriend. Literally only talked to the girl for about an hour then she somehow decided I was her boyfriend based off that 1 hour conversation and the 6 days of us not even exchanging as much as a "hello". So that ended becoming quite the journey down the rabbit hole.

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