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New Spell Card

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@blackdragon master Allow me to help you with some card grammar n.n


Activate only if you control no monsters. Target up to 5 monsters in your GY; Special Summon them in face-up Defense Position, but negate their effects until the end of your next turn, also the ATK/DEF of those monsters become 0. Neither player takes damage from battles involving the monster(s) Special Summoned by this card's effect.

I see that you mention the card was made many years ago and given some tweaks. There's something it still needs: material/Tribute usage prevention. As it is, it's an incredibly powerful card that allows you to bring any mobs in your GY to the field, then you'd be able to do all manner of combos by Special Summoning a lot of Extra Deck Monsters, among many other things. I'm unsure on how to correct this problem, but perhaps it'd be good measure that the clause that negates the monsters' effects until the end of the next turn is extended to the usage for material

and they cannot be used as Tribute or material for a Summon until the end of the next turn

There's also the fact that now exists the Extra Monster Zone. In spirit of the original effect, I chose to keep it at "no monsters to be used", but considering that 6th zone, you could do something like

Activate only if you control no monsters in your Main Monster Zones.

Finally, random tip: Consider naming your threads with the card's name, at least. Giving it a generic name like "New Spell Card" is pretty uninteresting and people might not come to see the card much xD.

See ya around!

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