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AC01-JP016 Tsubasa no Ongaeshi (Wing Requital)
You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn.
(1) If you control 2 or more monsters with different original names and no non-Winged Beast monsters: Pay 600 LP; draw 2 cards.

And if you're wondering, this is a GX card, we simply never saw the art when Sky Scout used this in episode 132.

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I guess they trying test the waters here, the idea maybe is that in the game rich with distruption is either your opponent negate this, stopping you dropping second name, or reserving all of that to screw with the better value plays (so in a sense the 2 monster investment considered as the minus in value)

but tbh i think this is dangerous design, 2 name drop is not really a minus imo, its still pot of greed even with type locked. Idk, lets hope it not go that way.....SIKE THE NEW BIRB ARCHETYPE IS VALUETOWN GALORE *offensiveairhornintensifiedx6*


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"original" names is so that it can work on Harpie Decks xD
So from Harpies, Lurilyscs, Blackwings, to the new deck.... considering the other Pot of Greed alternatives crlipple the Main or Extra Deck heavily, this card's 600 LP cost is laughably easy. I guess we now know which card is gonna get the secret rare treatment when the set comes around xP

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