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The exist of numbers

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Make a number card you can use the used numbers like number 39 and number 62 to create new number monsters you can also do C numbers to monsters who already exist like number C17 chaos leviathan dragon and also for non existent monsters you can also create a S number and F number without it being a utopia or Zexal you can also create new number types like Number D62 (but when making a new type explain what it means in the POST not the card for example the D stands for Destiny) you can use your new types on the real numbers monsters or ones from your mind Good luck everyone and remember to (feel the flow) 

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Upgrade of technically a member of number, Number XX: Utopic Dark Infinity:

Number CXX: Utopic Darkest-Eternities
DARK / Rank 11 / Warrior / Xyz / Effect

3+ Level 11 Monster / This cannot be targeted or be destroyed by opponent card effect. During your Main Phase While either this Xyz Summoned card is face-up on your field OR its in your GY and this Xyz Summoned card its sent there from your field : When this effect resolved, Both Player can Special Summon 1 Xyz Monster from either his/her Extra Deck, GY, OR Attached on Xyz Monster he/she control to his/her field (this is treated as Xyz Summon) then they can Attach all non-Xyz Special Summoned Monster their opponent control to their Summoned Monster. Also then, you gain LP equal to the ATK of your Summoned monster.  You can only activate this effect of "Number CXX: Utopic Dark-Eternities once per turn also you can only Special Summon "Number CXX: Utopic Darkest-Eternities" this way once per Duel. 

ATK 4100 / DEF 4500

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