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Golden Phoenix Down [Written]


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Continuous Trap Card.

You can only activate and perfectly resolve 1 'Golden Phoenix Down' per Duel. Choose an Effect:
* If a monster is no longer going to be used on the Field during the Duel after an effect is resolved otherwise, you can chain this to that effect that causes that, striking any instances of the words (from any language viewpoint) 'immediately' or 'immediate' from that effect you chain to, and suspend that effect until that Monster leaves the Field or is attached to an Xyz Monster. (For example, if it causes a win condition, even if that win condition is immediate otherwise is suspended.) This Trap cannot be removed from the Field except by resolving that suspended effect first or having no suspended effect.
*Summon this card by the name 'Baby Phoenix' and as an Effect Monster (Flying Beast/FIRE/Level 1/ATK: 0/ DEF: 0), then Treat that Monster as a Pyro Monster as well, increasing its Original Attack and Original Defense by 200, its Original Level by 1, and placing 1 Maturity Counter on this card (max. 3) each time it is about to be destroyed by battle otherwise instead of destroying it in battle. Change the name of the Monster accordingly through the following list each time it has 3 Maturity Counters on it, removing those 3 each time: 'Fire-Feasting Phoenix', 'Mature Phoenix', 'Grand Phoenix', 'Giant Phoenix'. (This Monster is still treated as a Trap.)

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