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SUDDEN NOTICE!! (Re-making an Archetype)


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Hey guys. I'm making this post to tell you all that I'll be re-making one of my Custom Archetypes. The "Zodiac Dragon/Mythological Beast" Archetype. To those that have seen this Archetype, expect a lot of chenges (or maybe some, I don't know). And to those that haven't seen this Archetype already, you would have to search the post to read my work entirely, but I don't know if you will be able to enter, after all it had been months since the last time I updated that post. Basically it's an Archetype that is about the zodiac sings in dragon forms (hence the name Zodiac Dragons). All of these dragons (2 for Xyz, 2 for Synchro, 2 for Fusion, and 6 Pendulum) are Pendulum monsters, while the Mythological Beasts are only Effect monsters.

The reason why I wanted to re-make this Archetype was because, in the end, I didn't like how it turned out to be. I was more focused on the Zodiac Dragons rather on the rest of the cards, which it was the most stupid thing I could have done. I realized this after playing around with Pendulum Archetypes.

And that's it. Thanks to all those that made some time to read this. You guys are free to comment here if you want. I just wanted to let you guys know about this plan of my mine. Until next time.

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