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[Written] Memories from the Relic - Equip Spell support


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Memories from the Relic
Quick-Play Spell
Target 1 monster in the GYs or that is banished, and that it was equipped with a Equip Spell in your GY during this Duel: Special Summon that target and equip it with your Equip Spell in your GY. You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 monster in the GYs that was equipped with a Equip Spell in your GY during this Duel; banish that target, and if you do, add that Equip Spell to your hand. You can only use 1 "Memories from the Relic" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

Got the inspiration by "revival Equips" like Living Fossil, Gagagarevenge, Book of Life, etc. The concept is to make a Spell/Trap that lets any Equip to behave in a similar way to those Equips, and also make a nod to the equip holding the soul, memories, etc. of the creature that it once held it. The catch is it has to be equipped/used first. As a trade-off for the condition, I went for Quick-Play type for the flexibility and speed it offers. The GY effect is me being greedy really, and pushing it further to see if can get away with an extra +1, plus it gives some sort of cycle going on in that it brings the monster back, then fetches the Equip. Although now I ponder if it would be more fair as Trap, as I'm concerned about combo power and extension by, let's say, using a revival Equip, using the monster as fodder or ladder, then activating this to bring the monster again along the Equip. Then again, it would be no different to playing a Monster Reborn, and this still needs an Equip Spell and a target for it to be alive.



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The progress tracking that the player require to think about is really huge but admittedly the flavor is really cool.

Outside of tracking problem i find it weird that the enabler for the 1st effect require the GY effect to pop out first in most situations. Maybe make the effect modular? So you can choose 1st or 2nd effect with Super HOPT. You can retain the GY activation as alternative activation instead like that Demise Ritual support 

So maybe like this 

You can also activate this card in your GY by banishing this card from your GY. You can apply one of the following



Super HOPT


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Not sure of which Demise & Ruin support card you mean. Not really enthusiastic either on a card being able to do the same thing twice, once upon activation, and again in the GY, sounds to me a bit too flexibly greedy. I would rather do the "choose 1 of 2 effects" upon activation, and come up with a different effect entirely for the GY effect. I may think of something, and I accept ideas.

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