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Hey First Post. What ya guys think about my predator cards?


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Welp, can't see the cards as they're in a format my PC can't open. Regardless of my particular case, it is a rule of YCM to write the effects of the cards (whether you're posting the actual image of the card or not). Uploading cards the normal way it's extremely simple, btw, just click the    choose files...     at the bottom of the posting box and upload your stuff from your device, as easy as that. As things are, I can't give you feedback.

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Im somehow able to open the cards after i downloaded them...I thought first i reupload the cards here so everyone can see it...but well, why I should do it if the creator dont need to do a lot to change the file to .jpg or so by himself...and after all....like @Rayfield Lumina says...there are these rules: write the informations of each card down in case that not every advice can open the image or file!

But i can say something to the cards. All three call the name predator (1, 2 and 3), the one is a fusion monster which cannot be attacked and is destroyed if equipped by a spell card. the other two are normal monsters. It remembers me at the beginning of yugioh, when the first booster like metal raiders, spell ruler or labyrinth of nightmares appeared. 

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