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[BACH] New D/D cards

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BACH-JP013 DD Griffon (D/D Griffon)
Level 4/DARK/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect
Pendulum Effect:
You can only use the Pendulum Effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) You can target 1 Fiend monster you control; it gains 500 ATK for each “Dark Contract” Spell/Trap with different names you control and in your GY (until the end of this turn), then destroy this card.
Monster Effect:
You can only use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd effect of this card’s name each once per turn.
(1) If you control a “D/D” monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand in Defense Position.
(2) If this card is Pendulum Summoned: You can discard 1 “D/D” or “Dark Contract” card; draw 1 card.
(3) If this card is Special Summoned from the GY: You can add 1 “D/D” card from your Deck to your hand, except “D/D Griffon”.


BACH-JP044 DDD Shachioh Death Machina (D/D/D Amnesty King Doom Makina)
Rank 10/DARK/Fiend/Xyz/Pendulum/Effect
Pendulum Effect:
You can only use this card name’s Pendulum Effect once per turn.
(1) If you have a card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can target 1 Pendulum Monster you control or in your GY; Special Summon the card in your other Pendulum Zone, and if you do, place that target in your Pendulum Zone.
Monster Effect:
2 Level 10 Fiend monsters
You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a “D/D/D” monster you control as material. (Transfer its materials to this card.)
(1) You can only control 1 “D/D/D Amnesty King Doom Makina” in the Monster Zone.
(2) Once per Chain, when your opponent activates a Monster Card’s effect on the field (Quick Effect): You can detach 2 materials from this card or destroy 1 “Dark Contract” card you control, and if you do, attach that opponent’s card to this card as material.
(3) Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.


BACH-JP056 Tokkyoken no Keiyakushorui (Patented Dark Contract Documents)
You can only use the 2nd effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) If your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) of the same type (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Link) as a “D/D/D” monster you control: You can inflict 1000 damage to them, also they cannot Special Summon monsters of the same type as those Summoned monsters for the rest of this turn while this card is face-up on the field.
(2) If this card is sent to the GY: You can add 1 “D/D” monster from your GY or face-up Extra Deck to your hand.


BACH-JP075 DDD Headhunt (D/D/D Headhunt)
You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn.
(1) If you control a “D/D/D” monster: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of it (until the End Phase of the next turn), but its effects are negated, it cannot declare an attack, also if it was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, it is treated as a “D/D/D” monster.

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The Field Spell and Trap look terrible.

D/D/D Amnesty King Doom Makina on the other hand looks insane. Being able to "Rank-Up" on any D/D/D monster (I presume even non-Xyzs) is amazing, especially considering that with the new D/D Griffon accessing Caesar into Tell into Doom Makina with 4 materials becomes even easier. To make this card even better the Xyz material absorption effect only has a once per chain restriction, so with Caesar -> Tell -> Makina one can absorb the next 3 monsters the opponent activates (2 more if one controls even a single Dark Contract).

With 1 Dark Contract alone one does not even need an Xyz to summon Doom Makina with available interruption triggers, given that it will be able to absorb the next 2 monsters regardless (another really good laddering step would be Gilgamesh, their Link 2).

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I honestly find the field spell hilarious, if only because of how it characterizes the D/D/Ds.

Not only are D/D/Ds dimensional demons who form dark contracts across multiple planes of existence... They patent their summoning methods and are litigious.

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Is the Trap so bad? I'm no D/D expert, but a searchable monster stealer looks good as an additional disruptor in an opening board. Or during your turn and overlay Doom Makina over the stolen monster since it's treated as a D/D/D. And the Field Spell is silly but could do some work as a side card maybe?

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